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Spurs keeper Ian Walker says Leeds aren't the baby-faced choirboys everyone thinks after an X-rated show
Partick Thistle fan Billy named his eleven The Jaggies after his local heroes and is hoping some of his success rubs off on the Jags this season.
Both men were remanded in custody after being charged under the rarely- used Criminal Justice (International Co-operation) Act 1990, designed for swoops outside territorial waters.
Our Happy Afters contest is always one of the year's biggest highlights," said Brian Kagen, Medifast's Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.
Several countries suspended flights of the A400M afters that accident near Seville and now Airbus has called on all A400M operators to test electrical control systems on engines before flight and at other periods.
For afters, a Christmas pudding from Sainsbury's PS2
It paid off two minutes later when the hosts pulled the ball down from another lineout and steamrollered over, with Blair Cowan claiming his first Scotland try and Greig Laidlaw adding the afters.
But when it comes to sweet things - dessert, pud, afters, my reward for living - I couldn't be held responsible for my actions if I had to go without that.
For afters, there's halfprice Milk or White Chocolate Magnums (3x110ml) for PS1.
30pm Channel 4) MONDAY is definitely staying-in night for foodies, with Food Unwrapped going up against Food And Drink on BBC2, with the mouth-watering Cook's Questions for afters on More 4 at 9pm.
For the starter, main course and afters at a new club at a Teesdale hotel restaurant are all desserts.
And on their eighth anniversary, Mama's partner Sugar Bear (a human, just) took her for a three-dessert meal and eagerly anticipated his afters.
A WICKED queen, dwarfs, magic spells, and happily ever afters.
That happened afters talks held by Asan Shakirov, who was acting governor after the events of April 7-8 having replaced Koshbai Masirov.