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after (someone or something)

1. To follow someone or something in a sequential manner. B comes after A in the alphabet. Karen was in line first, so you can go on the ride after her.
2. To pursue someone or something. Todd seemed pretty upset when he ran out, so I'll go after him and see how he's doing. Sarah's always been one to go after her dreams, so I'm not surprised she's such a successful businesswoman now.
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*after someone or something

1. Lit. following someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; Come ~.) Tom comes after Mary in the line.
2. Fig. in pursuit of someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; chase ~; run ~.) The dog is after a rabbit.


/in a fashion
In some way or other, especially to a limited extent: She sings after a fashion.
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Xaus' fellow Spaniard Carlos Checa had been the top rider during the second qualifying session before superpole but will start from the second row after being only seventh quickest in superpole in 1:34.
All this after the petit president said David Cameron's euro-crisis intervention was "a good time to shut up," and the British misunderstood Europe "because you come from an island".
It was another strong performance from the opera company, but Charlotte Ellett as Gretel deserves special mention for making it impossible to tell she was the understudy after Rebecca Evans fell ill.
and for all the afters of Fulham, Watford, Barnsley when you've stared into the floodlights' glare trying to find some positive up in continuing to carry a torch for the always let-you-downs.
The four-year-old cars analysed by Warranty Direct engineers would no longer be covered by the manufacturer's traditional three-year afters ales warranty.
The referee could have acted when he blasted the ball into the crowd but he didn't and then you got the afters.
It offers a relatively short menu of 16 main courses, plus befores and afters in a pleasingly austere restaurant above the roomy downstairs bar.
But when it comes to sweet things - dessert, pud, afters, my reward for living - I couldn't be held responsible for my actions if I had to go without that.
TUESDAY Heston''s Eighties Feast (Channel 4, 9pm) GET ready for cheese and pineapple on a stick with angel delight for afters - or maybe not.
Before leaving, we called in the W H Smith store for a newspaper and packet of wine gums for afters, and the lady there was as friendly as could be.
What is even more worrying is that this child probably had fizzy pop and biscuits for afters.
Several strong quakes followed and afters hocks continued to jolt the area.
For afters, there's halfprice Milk or White Chocolate Magnums (3x110ml) for PS1.
For afters, there's half-price Milk or White Chocolate Magnums (3x110ml) for PS1.
A study found eating a healthy brekkie, plus a small amount of choccy for afters, might help weight loss.