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good day

A conventional, formal, and somewhat old-fashioned expression of greeting or farewell used during the daytime. Good day, sir! What news do you have for me from our partners out east? I will not tolerate this sort of rudeness! I bid you good day!
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of a morning/afternoon/evening

1. Very often at this time of day; on most occasions at this time of day. My father has a ritual of an evening, enjoying the newspaper with a measure of whiskey after dinner in front of the fire.
2. At some point at this time of day. There's a soccer club playing at the park if you're ever stuck for something to do of a morning in the summertime.

(Good) afternoon.

1. the appropriate greeting for use between noon and supper time. Sally: How are you today? Jane: Good afternoon. How are you? Sally: Fine, thank you. Bob: Afternoon. Nice to see you. Bill: Good afternoon. How are you? Bob: Fine, thanks.
2. an expression used on departure or for dismissal between noon and supper time. (Meaning "I wish you a good afternoon.") Sally: See you later, Bill. Bill: Afternoon. See you later. Mary: Nice to see you. Tom: Good afternoon. Take care.

good day

Also, good afternoon or evening or morning . Formal ways of saying "Hello" or "Goodbye." For example, He began rather oddly by addressing the audience with " Good day," or " Good afternoon, ladies," said the sales clerk as we walked out. All these greetings represent an abbreviation of the now obsolete God give you a good day (afternoon, etc.), which dates from about 1200. Also see good night.
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References in classic literature ?
How many an afternoon Antonia and I have trailed along the prairie under that magnificence
All those fall afternoons were the same, but I never got used to them.
They saw the robin carry food to his mate two or three times, and it was so suggestive of afternoon tea that Colin felt they must have some.
The afternoon was dragging towards its mellow hour.
Who happen to be in the Lord Chancellor's court this murky afternoon besides the Lord Chancellor, the counsel in the cause, two or three counsel who are never in any cause, and the well of solicitors before mentioned?
On the sum- mer afternoon in the office when he was on the point of becoming her lover a half grotesque little incident brought his love-making quickly to an end.
For a month he had seen her lying white and still and speechless in her bed, and then one afternoon the doctor stopped him in the hallway and said a few words.
After a short pause for repose, Miss Skiffins - in the absence of the little servant who, it seemed, retired to the bosom of her family on Sunday afternoons - washed up the tea-things, in a trifling lady-like amateur manner that compromised none of us.
Gilbert and Anne loitered a little behind the others, enjoying the calm, still beauty of the autumn afternoon under the pines of the park, on the road that climbed and twisted round the harbor shore.
But we mustn't talk of sorrow on an afternoon like this.
He came back to it in the afternoon, after dinner, and fell asleep over it.
Another week passed, a great battle that continued under the electric lights each night and that culminated on Saturday afternoon at three o'clock, when Joe tasted his moment of wilted triumph and then drifted down to the village to forget.
Pendleton sent a special request for you to go to see him this afternoon, SURE.
My attention was caught firstly by a bicycle lying carelessly on the turf, and secondly and lastly by a graceful woman's figure, recumbent and evidently sleeping against the turf bank, well tucked in among the afternoon shadows.
But all the field afternoons and recitation Fridays and physical culture contortions paled before a project which Miss Stacy brought forward in November.