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after (someone or something)

1. Following someone or something in a sequential manner. B comes after A in the alphabet. Karen was in line first, so you can go on the ride after her.
2. Pursuing someone or something. Todd seemed pretty upset when he left, so ran after him to see if he was all right. Sarah's always been one to go after her dreams, so I'm not surprised she's such a successful businesswoman now.
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*after someone or something

1. Lit. following someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; Come ~.) Tom comes after Mary in the line.
2. Fig. in pursuit of someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; chase ~; run ~.) The dog is after a rabbit.
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/in a fashion
In some way or other, especially to a limited extent: She sings after a fashion.
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Using old plots and dialogue, it pretended that young Latina lawyers and African-American Secret Service agents could still, week after week, off-handedly perform great and noble deeds by which freedom, democracy, and the American Way would be maintained.
Neukirchner took his first pole position with a lap of one minute 33.805 seconds ahead of his team-mate Kagayama who, still struggling with his shoulder injury sustained at the opening round in Qatar, will line up alongside Neukirchner afters setting a superpole lap time just 0.123secs slower.
Sought After is a major stockist of award-winning designer furniture by Halo.
Far from strutting around like an ill-informed, under-sized, over-cooked coq au vin, the French matre d' may soon find himself served up as afters.
While the fun and frivolous opera left the audience with plenty of details to chew over for afters.
But mostly this is for a future we have all seen without eyes of skipper running around the track with cup aloft, open top buses, civic reception, mucho car door slamming on the streets of Small Heath and the taste of joy that will taste sweeter after all of the suffered sorrows.
But, after leaving Liverpool, Burtonwood Services on the M62, near Warrington, was a pleasant surprise.
TENS of thousands of Japanese huddled in makeshift emergency shelters this weekend after a string of earthquakes in northern Japan flattened homes, toppled bridges and derailed trains, killing at least 21 people and reportedly injuring 2, 000 others.
.FOOTBALLERS Wives's actress Phina Oruche is back on the big screen this weekend in an Irish comedy movie after taking a career break to be a mum.The Liverpool-born star makes her return in Happy Ever Afters, which opens at cinemas on Friday.
In Redwood City, the quake delayed the high-profile double-murder trial of Scott Peterson after a juror reported feeling the shakes.
There was a joyous rustle of wrappers across the land after a study found that chocolate eaters were slimmer than those who weren't.
The artist is expected to perform at Newz Bar in Water Street after his gig at Manchester's MEN arena.
WARRINGTON-BASED car dealer Lookers yesterday said half yearly profits had more than doubled after it won back more than pounds 17m in overpaid VAT.
After years of declining sales, supermarkets are stepping up production again to meet surging demand from sweet-toothed consumers.
RANGERS goal hero Nacho Novo blasted Celtic bad Bhoy Artur Boruc after the Polish keeper refused to shake hands with Barry Ferguson at the end.