afraid not

(I'm) (a)fraid not

A response used to reluctantly decline an invitation or politely answer a question in the negative, indicating regret that the answer is "no." When the phrase is abbreviated to "fraid not," an apostrophe is often used in place of the missing letter. A: "Will you be able to attend the meeting tomorrow?" B: "I'm afraid not. I'm going to be out of town." A: "Could you loan me a hundred bucks?" B: "’Fraid not. I'm broke." Can I babysit your kids? Ooh, afraid not, I'm actually all booked up today.
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(I'm) afraid not.

 and 'Fraid not.
I believe, regrettably, that the answer is no. (The apostrophe is not always shown.) Rachel: Can I expect any help with this problem? Henry: I'm afraid not. Andrew: Will you be there when I get there? Bill: Afraid not.
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References in classic literature ?
"I'm afraid not. I'd like to think cats have a chance for heaven, but I can't.
"I'm afraid not. Warren has been very decent, though.
I am afraid not. In fact, she is like most artists; she is all style, without any sincerity.
He put his horse to a trot to avoid seeing all these suffering men, and he felt afraid- afraid not for his life, but for the courage he needed and which he knew would not stand the sight of these unfortunates.
'Well, my dear,' returned Mrs Boffin, giving her a squeeze, 'it's kind of you to find that reason out, and I hope it may have been so, and indeed to a certain extent I believe it was so, but I am afraid not to the whole extent.
There was no telling; the people were afraid not, and they were all trying to get it.
And so O-Tar stood with his hand upon the door--afraid to enter; afraid not to.
'No, I'm afraid not. The public doesn't know Pickering.
I was afraid not of his six foot, not of getting a sound thrashing and being thrown out of the window; I should have had physical courage enough, I assure you; but I had not the moral courage.
I'm afraid not, for I didn't have any heart just then."
He was afraid not even Miss Woodhouse"he stopt a moment "or Miss Smith could inspire him."
The national elections in 2008 and 2012 should have been a good lesson, but I'm afraid not many saw the writing on the wall.
But afraid not. Malaysia is not on crisis and the Avengers were not even the real actors themselves, just cosplayers.
Practise say- ing "sadly not", "no, darling", "I'm afraid not".
She asked Bale: "Would you ever come and play for Huddersfield?" The Wales international replied: "No, I'm afraid not. It's too cold up there."