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malice aforethought

A calculated, premeditated intention to harm or kill. Outside of legal writing, the phrase is often used humorously or sarcastically. During the sentencing, the defendant's lawyers argued that the death penalty should be reserved for those who killed with malice aforethought. Don't give me that innocent look. You ate the last piece of pie with malice aforethought!
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with malice aforethought

Intentionally and malevolently; not innocently or by accident. The phrase is usually used humorously to mimic legal language. Don't give me that innocent look. You ate the last piece of pie with malice aforethought!
See also: aforethought, malice

malice aforethought

the intention to kill or harm which is held to distinguish unlawful killing from murder.
See also: aforethought, malice

with ˌmalice aˈforethought

(law) with the deliberate intention of committing a crime or harming somebody: Suddenly Guy, more by way of a nervous twitch than with malice aforethought, pulled the trigger.
See also: aforethought, malice
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If ever there was malice aforethought in a foul, it was Keane's hideous challenge on Alf Inge Haaland.
So it was with extreme malice aforethought that the more barbed than Barbie Ms Julie Burchill set about cutting the ebullient Dawn French down to, er, size.
class="MsoNormalThe judge said the incident was accidental as the main ingredient of murder is malice aforethought. I do find that there was no intention to cause the death or to commit a felony on the part of the accused,'' he said on Thursday.
This was ordered with malice aforethought ( I could hear them giggling at the other end of the telephone.
``Because I can't find a motive for Stephen,knowing he was 17 at the time with a reading age of 12,it seems completely out of character for him to see someone and then,malice aforethought,pick up a pickaxe handle and hit them nine times.
Addressing the jury, Mr Justice Hanna said: "As you have observed during the case the law is that where the body has not been found, it is still open to the State to succeed in a prosecution for murder with malice aforethought."
The report says: "The abusing coach uses this dependence, creating a climate of favouritism, secrecy and closeness with malice aforethought."
Abusers exploited this dependence, creating a "climate of favouritism, secrecy and closeness with malice aforethought".
It is intended to cause death and constitutes malice aforethought," he added.THREE ASSAILANTSThe court rejected Ms Nyagol's defense that she was under compulsion when she strangled the deceased.
Regional pay is specifically, and with malice aforethought, designed to undermine the role and influence of the unions.
And did you, with full malice aforethought, grab a handful of Pick N Mix and run like hell without recompensing said retail emporium?".
TWENTY-FOUR hours after the Wales Office was closed, it has become clear that Mr Blair did not do it with malice aforethought. He did it with no forethought at all.
Well, the reason is because to have murdered the children they would have had to sent the children onto the bridge with 'malice aforethought' as the law says - knowing the train was coming and that it would kill them.
In order of their original publication, the first is Malice Aforethought, 1931, by Francis Iles.
That they did, with malice aforethought, use Diana as a commercial commodity.