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afflict (one) with

1. To cause one to contract an ailment or disease. A person's name or pronoun can appear before "with." My classroom has been almost empty all week because one kid afflicted the others with chicken pox. When you have a child in preschool, you'll be afflicted with every illness.
2. To cause another person hardship or difficulty. When used in this sense, a noun or pronoun typically does not appear between "afflict" and "with." Once I finally recovered from my illness, I was afflicted with medical bills.
3. To force someone to spend time with an irritating person. A person's name or pronoun typically appears before "with." Please don't afflict me with your obnoxious brother this evening.
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afflict someone with someone

to burden someone with an annoying person. I was foolish enough to afflict myself with my young cousin for the weekend.
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afflict someone with something

1. Lit. to cause someone to suffer from a disease or disability. The virus has afflicted everyone in the valley.
2. Fig. to burden someone with trouble. We were afflicted with all the worry that comes with raising a teenager.
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2 in mental-health cases after the NCR about the kinds of mental illnesses in the province, their gender, age and causes of those afflicted with mental disorders.
She said 75 percent of the afflicted are children; and that 30 percent of infant deaths probably is due to rare diseases.
Finally, he said Kuwaiti assistance offered to afflicted all over the
Afflicted Powers: Capital and Spectacle in a New Age of War, by Retort (Iain Boal, T.
After all, the people who seem to be least afflicted come from the center of the country; while people from the ocean coasts seem to be most often afflicted --those politicians from New York, Massachusetts, and California were badly hit.
People who have been afflicted with this condition for extended periods of time lose their ability to process food normally, thereby leading to potentially severe health problems.
Trendy Hawaiian shirt maker Reyn Spooner has come out with a limited edition aloha shirt depicting the life of Blessed Damien de Veuster, a Belgian Sacred Heart missioner who served those afflicted with leprosy on the island of Molokai, Hawaii.
According to Worby, the suit will seek the creation of a long-term medical testing and treatment fund for those afflicted with exposure related illnesses and also an as yet unnamed amount of financial compensation.
UV radiation intensity, they conjectured, might predict the proportion of patients afflicted with DM in a given locale.
Coming away from that meeting, he realized how little long-term care organizations collectively knew about Parkinson's disease and the many ways in which those afflicted could be helped.
Interventions are typically held at the home of the afflicted, although you might also choose such "neutral" places as a church, a counselor's office, or out behind a dumpster.
A global stigma against those with mental illness prevents the afflicted from receiving proper care and unnecessarily instills fear in both sufferers and society as a whole.
Laurie Winn Carlson argues that accusations of witchcraft were linked to an epidemic of encephalitis and that it was a specific form of this disease, encephalitis lethargica, that accounts for the symptoms suffered by the afflicted, those who accused their neighbors of bewitching them.
The orphans are no longer orphans, the afflicted, no longer afflicted.