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affix (one's) signature to

To sign one's name to something, such as a document. Jason reads every contract thoroughly before affixing his signature to the bottom of it. Once you affix your signature to this last document, you'll be the owner of a brand-new car!
See also: affix, signature

affix (something) to

To stick or fasten something on another object. Please affix stamps to these envelopes and then drop them in the mailbox.
See also: affix

affix one's signature to something

to sign one's name on something. I affixed my signature to each of the documents.
See also: affix, signature

affix something to someone or something

to fasten or attach something to someone or something. Please affix these tags to your luggage.
See also: affix
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It's a 'win-win' for both companies, and for our customers and employees as well," adds Beverly Grimley, former owner and managing partner of Brandt Affixing.
The label affixing capability is a critical feature for many high-volume card issuers, especially in the financial and retail markets," said Kent Shields, senior vice president and general manager of Datacard's hardware division.
According to the specification, affixing any adhesive label to the DLTtape cartridge is in violation of the company's specification and general handling guidelines.
Choi was recognized for her achievement in affixing a new type of carbon molecule, called carbon nanotubes, to the end of the probe tip of an atomic force microscope (AFM).
The European Union is obviously one of the largest markets in the world, and affixing the CE Mark to the NC-stat demonstrates that our product satisfies all of their safety and performance standards.
Stacy's addition to V3's Marketing team is further indication that the company is affixing qualified people in the most important areas, thus making provisions for the future direction of the company," says John Zambakkides, V3's President and Chief Executive Officer.
In some instances, the defendants altered the product packaging by affixing paper or plastic stickers to the outer cartons in an attempt to conform to federal health warning requirements.
NASD), it has requested that the general practice of affixing an "F" to its ticker symbol be discontinued.
The modular 9000 Series offers a full range of in-line card issuance capabilities -- including printing of full-color photos, smart card personalization and magnetic stripe encoding; label affixing, forms printing, card affixing and envelope insertion; and automated visual inspection of cards.
Vivelle utilizes matrix technology in which the adhesive functions as both the drug platform and as a means of affixing the system to the patient's skin.
Noven's transdermal combi system utilizes the company's matrix technology in which the adhesive functions as both the drug platform and as the means of affixing the system to the patient's skin.