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affix (one's) signature to

To sign one's name to something, such as a document. Jason reads every contract thoroughly before affixing his signature to the bottom of it. Once you affix your signature to this last document, you'll be the owner of a brand-new car!
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affix (something) to

To stick or fasten something on another object. Please affix stamps to these envelopes and then drop them in the mailbox.
See also: affix

affix one's signature to something

to sign one's name on something. I affixed my signature to each of the documents.
See also: affix, signature

affix something to someone or something

to fasten or attach something to someone or something. Please affix these tags to your luggage.
See also: affix
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nora fleming launches its 2006 product line with an expanded ensemble of affixable and interchangeable ceramic mini pieces to meet the moment and mood of the home entertainer.
nora fleming's interchangeable dinnerware for everyday entertaining offers classic serving platters that combine with affixable, interchangeable ceramic mini pieces to create a custom presentation for holidays, seasons, special events and moods.