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affix (one's) signature to

To sign one's name to something, such as a document. Jason reads every contract thoroughly before affixing his signature to the bottom of it. Once you affix your signature to this last document, you'll be the owner of a brand-new car!
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affix (something) to

To stick or fasten something on another object. Please affix stamps to these envelopes and then drop them in the mailbox.
See also: affix

affix one's signature to something

to sign one's name on something. I affixed my signature to each of the documents.
See also: affix, signature

affix something to someone or something

to fasten or attach something to someone or something. Please affix these tags to your luggage.
See also: affix
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He does, however, make an exception in the similar case of at least one compound formed with the affix cvi (istam evaitad gonard[I.
bar], nominal terminations occur after the feminine affix (Table 2, steps 23, 23a, 23b).
If an affix is even minimally productive, new types will be encountered: the value of V may only increase as N increases--mathematically it is a nondecreasing monotonic function.
This is in essence the quality of the index P proposed by Baayen: investigating the increasing rate of new types formed with a certain affix in a corpus provides a clue for measuring the availability (disponibilite in Corbin 1987: 177) of a certain word formation rule.
While the -er affix in both English and Dutch has received much attention in recent years (Booij 1986; Levin and Rappaport 1988; Rappaport Hovav and Levin 1992; Panther and Thornburg 1998; Ryder 1999; Heyvaerts 2001), the affix -ee has received extended attention only in the work of Barker (1998), and the equivalent Dutch process--or the lack thereof--has received little attention at all.
printers of magazines such as Vogue, Self, and Vanity Fair) will print the advertising inserts and affix the Scent Seals.
In this segment of Health Journal Television, Shamrock Medical Solutions Group will discuss their new bar code verification system that allows hospital pharmacies to generate and affix labels to medications so they can be scanned.
When borrowers affix their electronic signatures, pop-up confirmation boxes will appear to obtain validation.
They also produced labels that affix to the packaging on each pallet indicating which charity is benefiting from the program.
He plans to affix the strips to his seven horses in Saturday's Breeders' Cup races at Gulfstream Park, including Cat Thief in the Classic and contender Surfside in the Juvenile Fillies.
We know of their efforts to affix firm accountability to the college presidents, who now have responsibility for the college budgets.
The Trident Magnet Systems are used to affix hot tap flanges for environmentally safe removal of oil from sunken ships.
The leads are available in six models: dual-coil active fixation (models 1590 and 1591) and single-coil active fixation (model 1592), which affix in the heart using an extendable-retractable helix mechanism; and dual-coil passive fixation (models 1560 and 1561) and single-coil passive fixation (model 1562), which affix in the heart using tines.
To help identify the yard waste recycling cans, residents will be provided with two bright yellow yard decals to affix to their personal cans.