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affirmative action

A policy that promotes the recruitment or advancement of individuals from specific groups that have been the target of discrimination (as relates to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, etc.) so as to create a more diverse environment, especially as a means to counter discrimination against those groups. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. While some people view affirmative action as an unfair hiring method, the company stands by it as a useful means of promoting diversity.
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in the affirmative

in the form of an answer that means yes. The soldier answered in the affirmative by nodding his head "yes." My manager's response was in the affirmative.
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In any context where one party is likely to have exclusive control of relevant evidence in the event of a dispute, it would be advisable to affirmatively provide for discovery.
This was an opportunity for the government to act affirmatively and benefit the black community, and they blew it," says Anderson, whose general managing partner's development team oversaw the $450 million California Plaza downtown.
But he affirmatively wanted to reach out and help poor whites as well.
We affirmatively keep less-sick people out of the hospital by using managed care gatekeepers, second opinions, pread-mission certifications, etc.
The new campaign is designed to further educate the public about their housing rights and the ideals behind HUDs new Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) initiative.
More importantly, an election out does not prevent the taxpayer from later affirmatively allocating GST exemption to a transfer (for which a previous election out had been made) on a timely filed gift tax return or an affirmative late allocation.
Must affirmatively and voluntarily consent to receive and/or sign electronic records, with the consent applying to all transactions, forms and records requiring a legal signature;
Stated affirmatively, the interaction of Articles 5(1) and 5(5) demonstrates that a Contracting State acquires taxing jurisdiction over a non-resident entity (NRE) only if that enterprise has--
Ben nodded affirmatively, but hoped he had not made any kind of egregious error.
Justice Janice Rogers Brown, who wrote the majority opinion in both cases, distinguished the previous rulings: It is not unfair, she wrote in Hooker, to impose liability on someone who hires an independent contractor when the hirer retains control over the workplace and its negligent exercise of that control "has affirmatively contributed to the injuries of the contractor's employee.
But in capital punishment cases, it is affirmatively the action of a judge that means someone loses his life, he said.
In the late 1800's courts held that it must affirmatively appear that the purchaser was introduced to the seller through the means employed by the broker.
One of the world's most famous poems answers this question affirmatively.