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affirmative action

A policy that promotes the recruitment or advancement of individuals from specific groups that have been the target of discrimination (as relates to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, etc.) so as to create a more diverse environment, especially as a means to counter discrimination against those groups. While some people view affirmative action as an unfair hiring method, the company stands by it as a useful means of promoting diversity. I know he thinks that I, a woman, only got the job over him because of affirmative action, but, in reality, I have far more experience with that kind of work than he does. Affirmative action was put in place to right past wrongs in recruitment practices. Has it succeeded?
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in the affirmative

Showing one's assent. Dave answered in the affirmative, so he'll definitely be at the party.
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in the affirmative

in the form of an answer that means yes. The soldier answered in the affirmative by nodding his head "yes." My manager's response was in the affirmative.
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The report said: "Lehman's failure to disclose the use of an accounting device to significantly and temporarily lower leverage, at the same time that it affirmatively represented those 'low' leverage numbers to investors as positive news, created a misleading portrayal of Lehman's true financial health."
To reconcile the seemingly inconsistent rulings, the Court did not expressly reverse the VRG ruling, rather it broadened the circumstances under which a purchaser is said to have "affirmatively assumed" the obligation to pay commissions.
TONGUE STRAPS: 7.50 Capped For Victory, Red Century, 9.20 Bluebok, Mujma, Meikle Barfil, Triskaidekaphobia, Affirmatively.
Fox's response must have sparked the interest of Larry King as he followed up with his own question, "It's going to be like the euro dollar, you mean?" To which Fox replied affirmatively and said further that certain "processes" would have to be implemented first, such as a "new vision, like we are trying to do with NAFTA."
Some 135 respondents answered affirmatively, reporting that they paid a total of $1,427,768.
(B) A petition alleging ineffective assistance of appellate counsel on direct review shall not be filed more than 2 years after the judgment and sentence conviction becomes final on direct review, unless it alleges under oath with a specific factual basis that the petitioner was affirmatively misled about the results of the appeal by counsel.
Ten Down also scored on his latest start, at Windsor on Monday, while Affirmatively collected at that same Berkshire course at the end of last month.
When asked, "Do you feel safe walking alone at night in the city/settlement/village where you live?", only 27% of Russians answer affirmatively. In most developed nations, the corresponding figure is somewhere between 60% and 80%; but even in other former Communist bloc countries like Belarus and Kyrgyzstan, it tends to be somewhat higher than in Russia.
Then he'll nod affirmatively, thank me for my advice, and give me a big hug.
6015(e)(1) and that Congress allowed a court to review a petition seeking equitable relief only when the (1) IRS has asserted a deficiency against the individual; (2) individual has affirmatively elected to have Sec.
When asked in more recent polls whether political leaders should rely on religion when making public policy decisions, 62 percent of Republicans answered affirmatively compared to 27 percent of Democrats.
Make sure you can ask, and respond affirmatively, to the following:
He said that elected officials, real estate agents and local businesses all have an important role to play in working affirmatively for integrated communities.
If the Radioshack class is certified by the Court of Federal Claims, depending on how the class is certified, taxpayers either (i) will be automatically included in the class action, or (ii) will have the option of affirmatively electing to be included in the class action.