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affirmative action

A policy that promotes the recruitment or advancement of individuals from specific groups that have been the target of discrimination (as relates to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, etc.) so as to create a more diverse environment, especially as a means to counter discrimination against those groups. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. While some people view affirmative action as an unfair hiring method, the company stands by it as a useful means of promoting diversity.
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in the affirmative

in the form of an answer that means yes. The soldier answered in the affirmative by nodding his head "yes." My manager's response was in the affirmative.
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Reason: How do you craft affirmative action that doesn't quickly turn into quotas?
The fact that UCLA's experiment with class-based affirmative action provided substantial SES diversity and some racial diversity is a very hopeful harbinger for its use in other academic settings.
Yuill points out how Nixon was able to shape the future of affirmative action by changing (through expansion) the black-white racial paradigm that framed civil rights politics.
Affirmative action may not be a perfect policy, but an open and honest dialogue about the policy's future would be an important and welcome exercise.
Affirmative action proponents have already challenged the ban as unlawful and say they will do so in other states that may consider a similar ban in the future.
On that last point, in other words, I think there may be good reasons for me to engage in race-conscious affirmative action.
On the other hand, author Jamillah Moore (Race and College Admissions: A Case for Affirmative Action, McFarland & Company, May 2005) would have none of this, and has no such qualms about diversity as Professor Carter.
Sowell complains that The Shape of the River, which discusses the results of affirmative action in twenty-eight selective schools in the United States, and takes four hundred pages to do it, is too narrow in scope.
Bollinger and ruled that the University of Michigan Law School could use affirmative action to diversify its student body.
But I am in favor of aggressive affirmative action.
Once again this summer, the practice of affirmative action has stepped into.
The Supreme Court on June 23rd upheld 5-4 the University of Michigan's affirmative action policy for its law school.