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affirmative action

A policy that promotes the recruitment or advancement of minority groups (as relates to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or people with disabilities) so as to create a more diverse environment, especially as a means to counter discrimination against those minorities. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. While some people view affirmative action as an unfair hiring method, the company stands by it as a useful means of promoting diversity.
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in the affirmative

in the form of an answer that means yes. The soldier answered in the affirmative by nodding his head "yes." My manager's response was in the affirmative.
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Yuill relies heavily on archival sources to help fill out the record on Nixon's role in the expansion of affirmative action.
Affirmative action may not be a perfect policy, but an open and honest dialogue about the policy's future would be an important and welcome exercise.
Affirmative action proponents have already challenged the ban as unlawful and say they will do so in other states that may consider a similar ban in the future.
And in the recent debates over affirmative action, Connerly writes that although he appreciated applause from the conservatives for his rhetoric in favor of colorblindness, "I was also aware that if I had been saying the same things before the same audiences thirty-five years earlier, I would have gotten a far different reception.
Minority applicants to law schools in Texas and California have already taken a hit from the rollback of affirmative action.
Thus, corporations were put on an affirmative action fast-track, while nonwhite Americans were denied First Amendment, Fifth Amendment, and other basic protections as human beings.
Kiernan also noted that 19 sports facilities have been authorized by the State Legislature in recent years, each with identical affirmative action provisions.
An ICR of "b" has been affirmed for Affirmative Insurance Holdings, Inc.
Loury likewise overlooks the fact that the 1964 Civil Rights Act actually slowed down private adoption of the affirmative action programs he defends.
It insulates us from the preference accusation without in any way diminishing the force of affirmative action under the Civil Rights Act, and its antibias effect in employment is as strong as that in the Civil Rights Act.
Wilson gives almost equal weight to a second avowedly political argument, namely how such a coalition could explicitly champion "race-based affirmative action programs" without such goals "becoming racially divisive.
This anecdote underscores a problem that permeates American society and has consequences for many public debates - ranging from affirmative action to capital punishment to welfare: the same or comparable actions are judged differently, depending on the racial identities of the actors.
Affirmative Equities, the specialty development and marketing firms, was named to complete construction and market Cambridge Court a luxury residential condominium complex located at 1018 Palisades Avenue in Fort Lee, New Jersey.
Providing the Fundamentals for Compensation Analysis and Affirmative Action Compliance
Affirmative action has won a major legal battle, but not the political war.