affinity for

affinity for (someone or something)

A passionate interest in or affection for someone or something. She must have an affinity for women with dark hair because her girlfriends are always brunettes. You can always find Lucy at the library—she has a real affinity for reading.
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affinity for someone or something

a strong preference for something; a strong liking for something. Mary's affinity for classical music accounts for her large collection of recordings.
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Caustic potash has a great affinity for carbonic acid; and it is sufficient to shake it in order for it to seize upon the acid and form bicarbonate of potassium.
"Cadsoft Affinity for Residential is an incredible complement to our existing product line and is perfect for capturing and tracking valuable project information that our building clients need for their day-to-day business.
Cadsoft Affinity for Residential is available through Cadsoft's worldwide business partner channel, through the IMAGINiT Technology division of RAND Worldwide (<Http://>) , as well as through the Internet from (<Http://>.)
Cadsoft's robust product line includes APDesign, Cadsoft Build, Envisioneer and Affinity for Residential, and is available through a worldwide distribution network.
The Affinity framework is the foundation of Trelligence Affinity for Residential 2.0.
"It is the first biochemistry paper showing that this protein has affinity for damaged DNA and can sense the damage directly."
The scientists looked at concentrations of PCBs, a number of HO-PCBs, and other phenolic compounds such as pentachlorophenol (PCP), which also are known to have a high binding affinity for transthyretin.
The researchers found that, except for glyceollin, all of the tested estrogens had a greater affinity for ER[Beta] than ER[Alpha]; glyceollin had the opposite preference.
Z Capital and its affiliates purchased the remaining outstanding shares of Affinity for USD 17.35 per share.
(24) Subsequently, the Encyclopedie anarchiste (1934) and the Petit lexique philosophique de l'anarchisme (2001) (25) stress the importance of the notion of affinity for anarchism.
LoStocco said the credit union has been experiencing something of a spike of interest in its card programs, but she didn't know how many of the new card accounts represented Affinity members who had not previously had the CU's card or the numbers of nonmembers coming to Affinity for the cards.
To search for endogenous estrogens that may have preferential binding affinity for human estrogen receptor (ER) alpha or beta subtype and also to gain insights into the structural determinants favoring differential subtype binding, we studied the binding affinities of 74 natural or synthetic estrogens, including more than 50 steroidal analogs of estradiol-17beta (E2) and estrone (E1) for human ER alpha and ER beta.
'We are active investors in healthcare and we can see strong potential to develop Affinity for the benefit of patients and investors alike.'
Comparisons of [[sup.3]H]HC-3 binding across all developmental stages were first conducted at a single, subsaturating ligand concentration (2 nM), which allows differences to be detected regardless of whether there are shifts in the concentration of transporter sites or in their affinity for the ligand.