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affinity for (someone or something)

A passionate interest in or affection for someone or something. She must have an affinity for women with dark hair because her girlfriends are always brunettes. You can always find Lucy at the library—she has a real affinity for reading.
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affinity for someone or something

a strong preference for something; a strong liking for something. Mary's affinity for classical music accounts for her large collection of recordings.
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Affinity Automotive Services Inc., is incorporated, operated by President, Mark Guerrero II, with over 20 years experience as an automotive technician, and Master ASE Tech.
It's a good name and the Affinity has all the traits to be a great gun.
In spite of the acknowledged connections between education and affinity spaces (Beemt et al., 2011; Gee, 2005, 2007) and the plethora of literature on affinity spaces in relation to gaming and digital literacy, research pertaining to the association of affinity spaces and education is lacking; research relating affinity spaces with the distance higher education setting is not specifically identified.
The company's proprietary affinity separation technology enables its partners to achieve faster bioprocess development timelines, reduced program risk, predictable commercial scalability, and lower cost of manufacturing for batch and continuous operations.
There are several methods by which biological interactions can be examined by affinity chromatography and HPAC (Table 1).
Affinity Apparel is a national provider of uniforms and branded apparel.
* Ensure your products are successfully marketed and incentivized through the affinity channel.
Affinity Sports has harnessed the power of technology and replaced printed player cards with highly secure, digital player cards accessible on any smart phone.
THE STORY: Software based on the burgeoning field of social teleodynamics--think online matchmaking taken to its extreme, in every aspect of life--can slot test takers into one of 22 Affinities (40 percent of the public don't qualify for any Affinity).
3 the company's intent to integrate Houston-based Affinity Lending Solutions LLC's production operations and branch network into Mid America's mortgage platform.
A little more than a year after leaving Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union, Bill Urick has returned to become the new chief operating officer.
Affinity Health Plans recently settled a case filed by the U.S.
I picked up my Franchi Affinity, and loaded the Black Cloud 3-inch magnums as another flock of ducks wheeled out over the marsh flats.
The New Mexico Nurses' Association (NMNA) has created an affinity group in response to New Mexico's need for nursing workforce diversity.