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affiliate (someone or something) to (someone or something)

To link or connect certain people or things. Please don't affiliate yourself to those other troublemakers in your class.
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affiliate (someone or something) with (someone or something)

To link or connect certain people or things. Please don't affiliate yourself with those other troublemakers in your class. I'm sorry, but our practice isn't affiliated with that program anymore.
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(someone or something) to someone or something and affiliate (someone or something) with someone or something to cause a person or thing to be associated with some other person or thing. He did not want to affiliate his club to the other clubs. We tried to affiliate John with other people who shared his interests.

affiliate with

1. To cause someone or something to associate or cooperate with someone or something: The badges that the scouts wear affiliate them with different troops. The medical school is affiliated with the university.
2. To associate or cooperate with someone or something: This medical school affiliates with the large university.
3. To associate someone with something or someone as a subordinate, employee, or member. Used reflexively: After she finished law school, she affiliated herself with a good law firm.
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A large, diversified television broadcasting company, Sinclair has multiple emerging networks as well as affiliations with all the major networks and is a local news provider and a producer of live sports content in the US.
Director Affiliation Committee Dr Abdul Qudoos, Registrar BZU Dr Muthair Iqbal, Dr Qazi Abid, Deputy Director Colleges Prof Ibrar Ahmed, Principal Law College Prof Sheikh Mohammad Saleem and others attended the meeting.
To identify gaps in Scopus's affiliation identifier indexing of UNMC and Nebraska Medicine (UNMC/ NM) affiliated articles, we compared results of a Scopus affiliation identifier search to the results of PubMed and Scopus affiliation keyword searches.
Point of view: The FJMC counsel submitted that the college was not heard prior to the decision, adding that a large number of foreign students at the college had also expressed concerns over the cancellation of its affiliation with PU.
There is an affiliation committee to look after the affiliation of the state units after the members are fully convinced about the unification of all units.
A taxicab affiliation provides a form of identification for individual taxicabs.
Flake said the affiliation with the worldwide firm will extend his firm's reach and expand its list of services.
None of this yet explains the relationship between filiation and affiliation, yet it places the question of authority--how is it made, what allows it to succeed, what enables it to reproduce itself--back into the central position of his thought.
A hospital might establish an affiliation to strengthen bargaining power with payers, to control costs, to enhance the quality of care, or to generate admissions (through increases in physician loyalty or managed care contracting opportunities).
Unlike Mathews, however, he was not identified--until a friend of mine, knowing of Glassman's affiliation with AEI, pointed nut the affiliation in a letter to Donald Graham.
The twofold vibration of affiliation in the lives of contemporary academics is a perpetual condition of academic self-identity that produces a contrary motion.
The National Spa & Pool Institute's Region 3 has informally laid the groundwork for an affiliation agreement.
Over the past year, NEHA has accepted affiliation with two groups representing environmental health professionals--one from Hawaii and the other from Jamaica.