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affiliate (someone or something) to (someone or something)

To link or connect certain people or things. Please don't affiliate yourself to those other troublemakers in your class.
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affiliate (someone or something) with (someone or something)

To link or connect certain people or things. Please don't affiliate yourself with those other troublemakers in your class. I'm sorry, but our practice isn't affiliated with that program anymore.
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(someone or something) to someone or something and affiliate (someone or something) with someone or something to cause a person or thing to be associated with some other person or thing. He did not want to affiliate his club to the other clubs. We tried to affiliate John with other people who shared his interests.

affiliate with

1. To cause someone or something to associate or cooperate with someone or something: The badges that the scouts wear affiliate them with different troops. The medical school is affiliated with the university.
2. To associate or cooperate with someone or something: This medical school affiliates with the large university.
3. To associate someone with something or someone as a subordinate, employee, or member. Used reflexively: After she finished law school, she affiliated herself with a good law firm.
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150213(c)(6)(i) exemption, when an exempt investment is directly traceable to debt recurred by a related affiliate to an unrelated lender.
9), which parallel the surplus suspension rules described above, and will generally apply to the sale of the assets of a business to other affiliates or non-arm's-length persons, other than such sales occurring in the ordinary course of business.
KRON sold for $823 million primarily because it was the NBC affiliate.
As part of its role to enhance the ability of the state and/or local community to serve the individual who is deaf-blind in his/her own community, the affiliate shares information and combines expertise to provide or improve services for persons who are deaf-blind.
In addition, AMG provides centralized assistance to its Affiliates in strategic matters, marketing, distribution, product development and operations.
1) will be clarified by deleting the words suggesting that the two affiliates must be resident in the same country; although the CCRA had not interpreted the paragraph as imposing that requirement, the words are ambiguous; and
Circuit City's affiliate marketing program, now managed by Performics, enables leading Web publishers to offer a wide range of consumer electronic brands and products to their loyal online shoppers.
Indeed, corporate groups often choose to hold intangibles in separate affiliates in order to facilitate the exploitation and management of those intangibles, to shield the intangibles from liabilities associated with manufacturing and other activities, and to otherwise enhance and protect their intellectual property interests.
Additionally, the Komen Central Wisconsin Affiliate has already distributed a request for proposals to award their first grants in the area.
Under the proposed legislation, two different levels of foreign affiliate information returns are contemplated: a detailed return for "controlled" foreign affiliates and a simplified return for "non-controlled" foreign affiliates.
PrimaryAds presents affiliates with exclusive, well-converting offers that pay the industry's highest commission rates.
4 requires taxpayers with foreign affiliates to provide additional financial and tax information with respect to each affiliate.
Digital River's affiliate development team works directly with affiliates to tailor a combination of programs and technologies designed to help them expand their online businesses.
On November 21, 1994, Tax Executives Institute filed the following comments with the Canadian Department of Finance in respect of the draft legislation concerning foreign affiliates.
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