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affiliate (someone or something) to (someone or something)

To link or connect certain people or things. Please don't affiliate yourself to those other troublemakers in your class.
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affiliate (someone or something) with (someone or something)

To link or connect certain people or things. Please don't affiliate yourself with those other troublemakers in your class. I'm sorry, but our practice isn't affiliated with that program anymore.
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(someone or something) to someone or something and affiliate (someone or something) with someone or something to cause a person or thing to be associated with some other person or thing. He did not want to affiliate his club to the other clubs. We tried to affiliate John with other people who shared his interests.
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affiliate with

1. To cause someone or something to associate or cooperate with someone or something: The badges that the scouts wear affiliate them with different troops. The medical school is affiliated with the university.
2. To associate or cooperate with someone or something: This medical school affiliates with the large university.
3. To associate someone with something or someone as a subordinate, employee, or member. Used reflexively: After she finished law school, she affiliated herself with a good law firm.
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New affiliate societies may secure representation on the Council by applying to the President of the Society for such representation.
Commenting on the exclusive obsession with trade rather than sales of affiliates, Joseph Quinlan, Senior Global Economist at Morgan Stanley, and Marc Chandler, Chief Currency Strategist at Mellon Financial Corporation, wrote in a recent article in Foreign Affairs: "Whatever the proper explanation, a simple and important fact is absent from the debate: the trade balance is no longer a valid score-card for America's global sales and competitiveness.
Ownership-based trade data combine traditional cross-border trade with foreign affiliate sales to get a more comprehensive picture of the global flow of commerce and its relative importance to U.S.
If a Jubilee Ace affiliate opts to park their credits with the company, the following daily return rates apply: *1 Star and 2 Star package affiliates - 1% to 1.7% a day *3 Star and 1 Star Diamond package affiliates - 1% to 2.2% a day *2 Star Diamond and 3 Star Diamond package affiliates - 1% to 2.7% a day
The affiliate program offers up to 45% commissions on the life-time of a player, monthly payments via upaycard, neteller, skrill, bitcoin, wire transfer.
In addition to Arizona, affiliates in El Paso, eastern Washington, Maine and Wyoming have either closed within the past year or are pending dissolution.
The winner of the Large Affiliate category is the Apartment and Office Building Association (AOBA) of Metropolitan Washington, which increased its membership base by over 45,000 units in 2014 (as of October 2014).
Among the networks, Commission Junction and Rakuten LinkShare are the largest, with deep rosters of affiliates. ShareASale is smaller, but is considered stricter when it comes to policing members, according to several program managers interviewed.
As part of the settlement, all claims and counterclaims will be dismissed with prejudice between Research Affiliates, WisdomTree Investments, Inc., its subsidiaries, WisdomTree Asset Management, Inc.
"Many Affiliates have advanced greatly through the auspices of the Affiliate Capacity-Building Initiative, and the Idaho Affiliate is one of those, said CoA Awards Committee Chair and CoA Past Chair Terri Sasser, MPH, who is an APHA member, said upon presenting the award.
multinational companies (MNCs) and their affiliates abroad and (2) U.S.
Travel Business Review-June 1, 2011--Winner Affiliates Announces Promotional Offer(C)2011] ENPublishing -
Yet another merger of Planned Parenthood affiliates is in the news, this time involving affiliates in Iowa and Nebraska.
"CheapOair is proud to partner with Commission Junction and continue providing affiliates with the most competitive incentives across the North American travel industry," said Brijen Rajput, vice president of Online Marketing at CheapOair.
These standards dictate what kinds of contacts pipelines can have with affiliates in the name of preventing abusive practices.
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