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affiliate (someone or something) to (someone or something)

To link or connect certain people or things. Please don't affiliate yourself to those other troublemakers in your class.
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affiliate (someone or something) with (someone or something)

To link or connect certain people or things. Please don't affiliate yourself with those other troublemakers in your class. I'm sorry, but our practice isn't affiliated with that program anymore.
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(someone or something) to someone or something and affiliate (someone or something) with someone or something to cause a person or thing to be associated with some other person or thing. He did not want to affiliate his club to the other clubs. We tried to affiliate John with other people who shared his interests.

affiliate with

1. To cause someone or something to associate or cooperate with someone or something: The badges that the scouts wear affiliate them with different troops. The medical school is affiliated with the university.
2. To associate or cooperate with someone or something: This medical school affiliates with the large university.
3. To associate someone with something or someone as a subordinate, employee, or member. Used reflexively: After she finished law school, she affiliated herself with a good law firm.
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Example 1: P, the common parent of an affiliated group that includes subsidiary S, borrows $1,000 from unrelated lender X.
The ruling holds that, similar to the proposed regulations, if an affiliated group member borrows from an unrelated party and directly loans the funds to a related dealer affiliate for the purpose of carrying on the dealer's general business, the disallowed interest expense allocation is both calculated and applied at the dealer level.
265(a)(2) when an affiliated group member borrows from an unrelated party and directly contributes the funds to the capital of a dealer subsidiary for use in its general operations, rather than loaning the dealer the funds.
2) There is at least one case currently underway in Maryland testing whether the State may disregard a legally distinct Delaware corporation that licenses intangibles to (and receives royalty payments from) an affiliated corporation doing business in the State.
The proposal would also continue to prohibit an affiliated bank from knowingly advising a customer to purchase securities underwritten or dealt in by a section 20 affiliate unless it notifies the customer of its affiliate's role The proposal also continues to prohibit a bank public customer information without the customer's consent.
Finally, with regard to the revenue limit, section 20 of the Glass-Steagall Act prohibits a bank from being affiliated with any company "engaged principally" in to make a narrow, legal determination of the level of revenue at which a company becomes "engaged principally.
As illustrated in the example at right, use of the attribution rules in determining affiliated groups for earnings stripping purposes can result in a profitable corporation with normal debt-to-equity ratios having its interest expense deductions limited because its foreign parent has one or more less profitable or more leveraged operations in the United States.
Indications from the Service are that the final regulations will contain some minor changes in the affiliated group rules; however, these changes would not likely affect the result in the example.
Treat the 80%-of-value requirement as having been met if the affiliated group, in reliance on a good faith (but erroneous) determination of value, treated such requirement as having been met.
The second change to the consolidated return rules added by the DRA was a five-year waiting period between a corporation's disaffiliation and reconsolidation with the same affiliated group.
These rulings have permitted reconsolidation when the taxpayer established that the disaffiliation and reconsolidation did not secure for any of the affiliated groups or corporations involved the benefit of any deduction, credit or other allowance that would not otherwise have been available if disaffiliation and reconsolidation had not taken place.
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