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affiliate (someone or something) to (someone or something)

To link or connect certain people or things. Please don't affiliate yourself to those other troublemakers in your class.
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affiliate (someone or something) with (someone or something)

To link or connect certain people or things. Please don't affiliate yourself with those other troublemakers in your class. I'm sorry, but our practice isn't affiliated with that program anymore.
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(someone or something) to someone or something and affiliate (someone or something) with someone or something to cause a person or thing to be associated with some other person or thing. He did not want to affiliate his club to the other clubs. We tried to affiliate John with other people who shared his interests.
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affiliate with

1. To cause someone or something to associate or cooperate with someone or something: The badges that the scouts wear affiliate them with different troops. The medical school is affiliated with the university.
2. To associate or cooperate with someone or something: This medical school affiliates with the large university.
3. To associate someone with something or someone as a subordinate, employee, or member. Used reflexively: After she finished law school, she affiliated herself with a good law firm.
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The more an affiliate invests the higher their income potential via Jubilee Ace's compensation plan.
The revenue is divided between the national office, which managed the event, and evenly among host city affiliates. Florida Suncoast used to receive a full host city share, whereas the Michigan 3-Day split revenue among more than one affiliate.
Next, retailers have to decide which affiliate network to use.
affiliates of foreign companies presents preliminary 2009 statistics that were derived by combining information reported by a sample of U.S.
The existing affiliate societies shall be entitled to representation on the Council of this Society so long as they remain active, that is, so long as they hold meetings at least once in every two-year period (except where suspension of activities is due to war or other national emergency) and send duly elected or appointed delegates to the annual meeting of the Council.
In 2000, FDI affiliates accounted for 96 percent of U.S.
Yet another merger of Planned Parenthood affiliates is in the news, this time involving affiliates in Iowa and Nebraska.
NEHA only asks as a requirement of affiliation that at least 15 affiliate members also be NEHA members, which must include the affiliate president and at least one other board officer.
"CheapOair is proud to partner with Commission Junction and continue providing affiliates with the most competitive incentives across the North American travel industry," said Brijen Rajput, vice president of Online Marketing at CheapOair.
The question of what constitutes a marketing affiliate has also produced a not-so-quiet storm.
If an affiliate is indirectly owned by a parent that uses a holding company located in a country that does not tax dividend repatriations, then the firm can generally relocate affiliate profits without incurring US tax costs.
Japan had agreed to buy a 49% stake in an Internet affiliate marketing company called ValueCommerce for JPY10.9bn (US$93.1m) in cash, the largest deal Yahoo!
RE/MAX International and New York affiliate, RE/MAX of New York, Inc., is now providing a full suite of marketing tools to all associates in the United States as an added benefit of the national advertising fund.
Charge-outs and adjustments may flow from affiliate, to region, to affiliate (or from affiliate, to region, to region, to affiliate).
Most NACM Affiliate collection services offer a free 10-day demand letter service; meaning that if a customer pays an account within 10 days of a letter requesting payment being sent, there is no charge to the client.