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a fine state of affairs

A situation that has gone wrong and is very problematic. The term is an instance of irony or sarcasm. Well, this is a fine state of affairs we're in now. The client doesn't like the job we've done, and they want it fixed in less than a week.
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gala affair

A grand, lively, and festive social event. The company pulled out all the stops for the CEO's retirement party, turning the event into a gala affair.
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put (one's) affairs in order

To organize one's financial and legal arrangements, especially in preparation for death. The doctors told me I likely had six months to live, so I need to start putting my affairs in order now. My father never put his affairs in order, and now, my brothers and I are embroiled in lawsuits over his estate.
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a sorry state (of affairs)

A particularly unfortunate, unpleasant, and/or upsetting situation or set of circumstances. Their company has been in a sorry state ever since Jonathan took over. It's a sorry state of affairs when you can no longer be sure how you'll feed your children each night.
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a sad state (of affairs)

A particularly unfortunate, unpleasant, and/or upsetting situation or set of circumstances. Their company has been in a sad state after Jonathan took over. It's a sad state of affairs when you can no longer be sure how you're going to feed your children each night.
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state of affairs

A current situation or set of conditions. It's been a sad state of affairs around here since our grandma got sick. I'd like to start this meeting by going over the company's financial state of affairs.
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love affair

1. A very passionate romantic or sexual relationship, especially one that is temporary. Several years after the death of her husband, Janet reconnected with a man with whom she'd had an intimate love affair in their youth and had never stopped thinking about. Pretty much every teenager thinks their real first relationship is the greatest and most important love affair of their life.
2. An intense passion or enthusiasm (for something). Almost always followed by "with (something)." The accident ended my brief love affair with motorcycles. This generation's love affair with mobile devices is going to be the downfall of modern society.
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have an affair (with someone)

to have a love affair with someone. When I was 20, I had an affair with a rock star, and really made a fool of myself.
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pretty state of affairs

 and fine state of affairs
an unpleasant state of affairs. This is a pretty state of affairs, and it's all your fault. What a fine state of affairs you've got us into.
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settle someone's affairs

to deal with one's business matters; to manage the business affairs of someone who can't. When my uncle died, I had to settle his affairs. I have to settle my affairs before going to Mexico for a year.
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There is a tide in the affairs of men.

Prov. If you have a favorable opportunity to do something, do it, or you will lose your chance. (From Shakespeare's play, Julius Caesar.) I think that this is the best possible time to start our own business. We shouldn't hesitate. There is a tide in the affairs of men.
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love affair

1. An intimate sexual relationship, as in They had a torrid love affair many years ago. This expression dates from about 1600, when it referred merely to the experiences connected with being in love. The current sense dates from the second half of the 1800s.
2. A strong enthusiasm, as in We can't ignore America's love affair with the automobile. [Mid-1900s]
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a state of afˈfairs

general situation or circumstances: We know little about the present state of affairs in China.
See also: affair, of, state
References in periodicals archive ?
Contact, Me Salah Abderrahmane, avocat la cour a expliqu, que la baisse sensible des affaires de terrorisme est le rsultat du recul des groupes terroristes activant dans certaines wilayas.
130 for 2012 was issued appointing Kamal Abdullah Bahurmoz as a dean of the Endowment and Islamic Affaires Institute and Salem Hasan al-Ma'amari as deputy of the institute's dean.
17-18 Conseil Affaires Generales,Relations exterieures,Defense (Bruxelles)
Sur ces quelque 750 affaires, 128 ont ete inscrites a l'ordre de priorite, 22 ont ete ou seront mises aux voix et les autres ont ete ou seront retirees du Feuilleton apres une heure de debat.
Le chef de la diplomatie tunisienne donnera a cette occasion une conference sur l'emigration sur le theme "la gestion commune de l'emigration: mise en place d'un nouveau partenariat", avec la participation du troisieme groupe de travail compose aussi des ministres des affaires etrangeres d'Algerie et du Nigeria ainsi que du haut commissaire des Nations Unies pour les refugies, du vice-ministre italien des affaires etrangeres et du directeur de l'institut d'etudes politiques internationales.
De meme, le ministre des affaires etrangere a tenue d'autres reunions , en marge des reunions de 41eme session du Conseil des ministres des Affaires etrangeres des ?
Youssef Oueslati, redacteur en chef du journal Echaab, sera convoque ce lundi 14 avril a 15 heures devant le substitut du procureur de la Republique pres du Tribunal de premiere instance de Tunis, et ce dans une affaire qui le concerne.
Boulif a fait savoir que la stabilite politique et sociale que connaEt le Royaume a favorise la confiance dans l'economie nationale, notant qu'il faut profiter de cette confiance pour pouvoir ameliorer le climat des affaires au Maroc et soutenir la competitivite de l'economie nationale.
D'autre part, il a dementi les accusations contre le ministere des Affaires etrangeres selon lesquelles il agit lentement vis-a-vis du dossier El-Guizaoui.
Minister for Expatriate Affaires Mujahid al-Quhali discussed with Omani ambassador to Yemen mutual relations between their countries as well as ways of promoting them, especially in field of expatriate affaires.
In 1997, it had a total North American circulation of over 19 million copies, which includes the newspaper Les Affaires, the magazines Revue Commerce, Affaires Plus, Le Bel Age and Good Times, as well as The Hockey News.
Le porte-parole du ministere iranien des Affaires etrangeres, Bahram Qassemi, a dementi les informations parues dans les medias selon lesquelles Teheran a demande a la Tunisie d'aider a resoudre son differend avec l'Arabie saoudite.
Par ailleurs, ce meme responsable a avance des chiffres sur les affaires traitees aux frontieres durant la saison estivale, notamment sur l'activite juridique.
Ces citoyens ont deplore l'echec des autorites a mettre en place une nouvelle equipe de responsables nommee par le ministere des affaires religieuses qui prendrait la place des Imams djihadistes.