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take (something) under advisement

To consider or deliberate upon some advice, request, idea, warning, etc., very carefully. Sometimes used sarcastically or ironically to imply the opposite. Thank you for your suggestion. The head office would like to take it under advisement for now. We will be taking all these formal complaints under advisement. Wow, thanks for the amazing advice, Dad. I'll be sure to take it under advisement.
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take something under advisement

to hear an idea and think about it carefully. It's a good idea, but I'll have to take it under advisement. The suggestion was taken under advisement, and a reply was not expected for at least a month.
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One component of this study was to determine whether or not the academic advisement intervention could positively influence student (and parent) outlook and overall attitude toward school.
As a result of this commitment, the Will Rogers Advisement Program (WRAP) was born.
12 State of Florida, Department of Revenue, Technical Assistance Advisement 89(A)-024.
Let me suggest that you send a letter of advisement to schools in the future, so that each can make a proactive judgment regarding whether the issue is appropriate for the eyes of young children.
The $745,500 grant will allow ETSU to create a nursing advisement office at each site.
This study examined the impact of substituting didactic instruction, face-to-face advisement, and conventional evaluation with distance-based delivery of content, electronic counseling, and online assessment.
Florida: Delivery of TPP in company-owned vehicles is an unprotected activity; see FL Technical Assistance Advisement No.
This study was designed to determine the effect of contextual pedagogical advisement (CPA) and competition on attitude toward mathematics in a computer-based simulation game.
She said that women professors experience additional stress because they are often expected to offer informal advisement to female students.
Established by the Virginia Tech Alumni Association, the award is presented each year to a faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding advisement of graduate students.
Included in the advisement were recommendations to prevent such hazards.
It will house admissions, records, student advisement, financial aid, the book store and food services.
Later on, he was heard as saying on radio that we are taking the Vatican document under "advisement", that Bishop Henry is "very emotional" about this issue, and that the CCCB is looking for a "made-in-Canada" solution, recognizing the traditional teaching and the rights of homosexuals.
To meet the STWOA objective of having students choose a career major by Grade 11, several practitioners indicated that they were having success using a broad career pathways framework in student advisement services and in organizing their schools' curriculum.
Academic advisement is unevenly provided in many high schools and colleges.