advise (one) against (something)

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advise (one) against (something)

To make a recommendation to one to not pursue a particular plan or action. She advised him against taking out another mortgage on the house. The professor advised his students against skipping class if they wanted a passing grade at the end of the semester.
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advise against something

to suggest that something not be done. Lisa always advises against hasty actions.
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advise someone against doing something

to encourage or counsel someone not to do something. I advised Bill against quitting his job.
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References in classic literature ?
The King feared this mighty kinsman who so boldly advised him against the weak follies which were bringing his kingdom to a condition of revolution.
He is now so ill that doctors have advised him against travelling and no airline will let him on board with his condition.
I will kill that idiot if he's involved." Faeldon filed a leave from the Bureau of Corrections, but Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra advised him against doing so.
He, however, accepted that Farooq Sattar used to come up with suggestions but he always advised him against taking such moves.
Bushra Maneka, Imran's spiritual guru, has advised him against resigning en masse in the province, saying it wouldn't be a good omen for the party, Roznama Express has learnt.
He said Jennie's late dad Tom advised him against appearing on ITV's skating show.
He performed at the Albert Hall in London on Friday but doctors advised him against the tour, due to start on Wednesday and finish on October 7.
The doctor said Kejriwal also wanted to meet the family of slain Delhi Police constable Vinod Kumar, but he has advised him against stepping out.
Mark Hughes will hold a meeting with QPR's players this morning to discuss whether to snub Terry's handshake, but Ferdinand's lawyers have advised him against doing so because they fear it may prejudice the trial.
Jasen Jackiw's original investors advised him against going on the BBC show.
It is a contest Harrison's manager advised him against taking and Maloney was open about his doubts.
The 28-year-old takes on the undefeated Dominican Republic fighter at the Braehead Arena on March 25 in a contest the Scotsman's manager advised him against taking.
He was released late that night but doctors at the track advised him against riding yesterday, so soon after the spill.
They suspected Valance had been drinking and advised him against driving but at 3 am saw him speeding towards Formby, the court heard.
My son's solicitor advised him against buying a flat in London because it had a "flying lease" on it.