advise (one) against (something)

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advise (one) against (something)

To make a recommendation to one to not pursue a particular plan or action. She advised him against taking out another mortgage on the house. The professor advised his students against skipping class if they wanted a passing grade at the end of the semester. As a doctor, you can only advise people against smoking—you can't force them to quit.
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advise against something

to suggest that something not be done. Lisa always advises against hasty actions.
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advise someone against doing something

to encourage or counsel someone not to do something. I advised Bill against quitting his job.
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References in classic literature ?
I also know that, for some reason you have not chosen to tell me, you have advised her against this course, which all the older men of the family, as well as our grandmother, agree in approving; and that it is owing to your encouragement that Ellen defies us all, and exposes herself to the kind of criticism of which Mr.
He advised her against it, thought the jar too great; but no, he reasoned and talked in vain, she smiled and said, "I am determined I will:" he put out his hands; she was too precipitate by half a second, she fell on the pavement on the Lower Cobb, and was taken up lifeless!
'Sometimes, I feel cool; other times, not so cool at all,' she said, adding that her doctors had advised her against going on an extended flight and overexerting herself.
As I discerned she was articulate, bright and career-minded, I advised her against optometry as I felt she was capable of a career that would better utilise her talents.
Johnson stepped out of the running after a BBC physio and her management team advised her against taking part in further heats.
A NEW Princess Diana, above, biography, by Sarah Bradford, tells how Di's coterie of older male fans, including writer Clive James, strongly advised her against doing Martin Bashir's Panorama interview.
IF BECKY had not already had a gastric balloon inserted into her stomach, I would have advised her against it.
Whitman to marry him, but her relatives and friends advised her against the match.
She reveals to the moralistic Pastor Manders, who many years before had advised her against leaving her husband, that the late Captain Alving had lived and died drunken and profligate, and that Regina, the serving - girl, is actually his daughter.
She earlier said her doctor had advised her against attending public gatherings to avoid catching infections.