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advise (one) about (something)

To recommend or offer suggestions to one about a particular topic or issue. Jim advised Carla about her tax liability. I advised him about the potential problems with his plan, but he implemented it anyway.
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advise (one) against (something)

To make a recommendation to one to not pursue a particular plan or action. She advised him against taking out another mortgage on the house. The professor advised his students against skipping class if they wanted a passing grade at the end of the semester.
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advise (one) of (something)

To share insight or recommendations on a particular topic with one. My lawyer advised me of how to handle my mother's estate. Patrick advised her of the possible issues she should expect during the negotiation process.
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advise (one) on (something)

To share insight or recommendations on a particular topic with one. My lawyer advised me on how to handle my mother's estate. Patrick advised her on the possible issues she should expect during the negotiation process.
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advise against (something)

To recommend not pursuing a particular plan or action. I would advise against quitting your job if you are not actively pursuing another opportunity. My mechanic advised against driving the car until the transmission was repaired.
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The team assisted Magellan Aerospace with its share acquisition of Euravia Engineering, and it advised Optare and its major shareholder, Ashok Leyland, on the delisting of the company from AIM.
Andrew Madden and Rebecca Sherwin (who also heads the firm's real estate finance practice) advised Clydesdale Yorkshire Bank as financiers of Evac+Chair's MBO, and in the borrower space Madden advised Seafresh Group on a refinancing, which included securities over assets in both the UK and US and inter-creditor agreements involving the company's Thai owners.
Meanwhile, butchers were advised to wear gloves while slaughtering animals and wash their hands after the sacrifice to ensure extra care against the infectious disease.
Clifford Chance holds a strong history in advising on firsts in this space, having advised on the international aspects of Garuda Indonesia's $500 million Sukuk; the first-ever offshore US dollar offering by an Indonesian corporate issuer and the first Sukuk issuance utilising the airline capacity structure in Asia.
He has advised a national transport operator on regulatory, state aid and contractual issues.
The prime minister also advised the President for remission of 45 days of sentence to all other convicts except the condemned prisoners and also except those convicted of murder, espionage, subversion, anti-state activities, terrorist act, Zina, kidnapping/ abduction, robbery, dacoity and those undergoing sentence under the Foreigners Act 1946.
Makki advised the public to resist the urge to overeat, but eat in moderation.
Brabners said it had a busy January transfer window and also advised Major League Soccer and Toronto FC on Jermain Defoe's transfer to Sunderland, with Jozy Altidore moving in the opposite direction.
Legal experts advised on the acquisition of the top four floors of the New Technology Institute in the city's Bartholomew Row in Eastside.
* Member Pinkett advised that there was no change with the building at 69 Washington St.
From the university administration standpoint, advising mistakes are bad because poorly advised students frequently require special consideration, policy deviations, and can expose the institution to potential legal liability (Swanson, 2006; Ford, 2010).
Little has formally guided the career paths of more than 300 undergraduate students since he began at MSU in 1990, and he has informally advised more than 1,000 students during that time as students value his wisdom and seek his guidance.
He has also advised a range of central government bodies and local authorities on projects from initial planning stages through to implementation.
Price advised he remembered that June 21, 1964 was A Sunday and he was on his way to Legion Lake to watch the boat races.
In a statement, the organization advised the public to take the measures in order to avoid fires resulting from faulty electrical wiring.