advise (one) against (something)

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advise (one) against (something)

To make a recommendation to one to not pursue a particular plan or action. She advised him against taking out another mortgage on the house. The professor advised his students against skipping class if they wanted a passing grade at the end of the semester.
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advise against something

to suggest that something not be done. Lisa always advises against hasty actions.
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advise someone against doing something

to encourage or counsel someone not to do something. I advised Bill against quitting his job.
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He also writes that he had heard of her while in prison and wanted to write to her to advise her against "anti-Taliban activities" saying he felt "brotherly" emotions towards her as they belong to the same Yousafzai tribe.
Brad, 43, is reported to have called Jen to advise her against the former bricklayer turned model.