advise against

advise (one) against (something)

To make a recommendation to one to not pursue a particular plan or action. She advised him against taking out another mortgage on the house. The professor advised his students against skipping class if they wanted a passing grade at the end of the semester.
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advise against (something)

To recommend not pursuing a particular plan or action. I would advise against quitting your job if you are not actively pursuing another opportunity. My mechanic advised against driving the car until the transmission was repaired.
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advise against something

to suggest that something not be done. Lisa always advises against hasty actions.
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"We continue to advise against all travel to the Lebanese city of Tripoli, Palestinian refugee camps, the eastern Bek valley and southern suburbs of Beirut." Britons are advised against all travel within five kilometres (three miles) of the Syrian border.
| BRUSSELS, Aug 16 (KUNA) -- Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Didier Reynders announced Friday that after consultation with other EU countries, and given the continued unrest in Cairo that disrupts the functioning of the Belgian embassy, it was decided to advise against all travel to Egypt.
I have read the original report and many interpretations of it, and while I agree it specifically advises against beta-carotene (substitute lutein and zeaxanthin) on safety and effectiveness grounds, it does not specifically advise against the inclusion of omega-3.
The FCO does not advise against using Cairo airport as a transit stop, as long as travellers stay in the airport grounds.
"We advise against all travel to Benghazi and urge any British nationals who are there against our advice to leave immediately." --SPA 20:43 LOCAL TIME 17:43 GMT
Northwesterly winds have accelerated to over 45kmh inland and 60kmh over the sea, prompting the NCMS to also advise against entering the rough waters.
"We no longer advise against all but essential travel to Bahrain, there are now no travel restrictions in place in Bahrain," said a statement on its website.
"There is a high risk to your safety in prefectures in Japan affected by the earthquake and tsunami and we advise against all tourist and non-essential travel to those affected areas in the north east of Japan until the situation becomes clear," the New Zealand embassy in Tokyo said on its website.
Riots on the streets of Tunisia last month forced 3,000 British citizens to return home, while the uprising in Egypt has prompted the Foreign Office to advise against all non-essential travel.
"We advise against all but essential travel to low income areas of Nairobi, including all township or slum areas, which experience high crime levels.
FCO has said 'The overall level of the advice has changed; we no longer advise against travel to Bangkok and Chiang Mai.
"We have also decided to advise against all but essential travel to Chiang Mai due to the worsening security situation there," read teh statement.
The FCOs added: "We have also decided to advise against all but essential travel to Chiang Mai due to the worsening security situation there.
We advise against all travel to Baghdad and its surrounding area, the provinces of Basra, Maysan, Al Anbar, Salah Ad Din, Diyala, Wasit, Babil, Ninawa and At-Tamim.
When considering planning applications for sites close to hazardous installations, local planning authorities will generally seek the views of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) who will indicate whether or not they "advise against" the proposed scheme.