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a free bit of advice

A suggestion, opinion, or piece of advice that was unrequested or unsolicited by the recipient. Allow me to give you a free bit of advice, my friend: don't say something you'll end up regretting later.
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Dutch uncle

One who addresses someone severely or critically. Fred is always lecturing me like a Dutch uncle, forgetting the fact that I'm 40 years old!
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nothing is given so freely as advice

People love to give you advice about the correct way to do something or how you should approach a problem, whether you want that advice or not. A: "My mother-in-law never comes to the house to help us with the kids, though she's plenty happy to tell me how I ought to be raising them." B: "Yeah, nothing's given so freely as advice."
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Dutch uncle

a man who gives frank and direct advice to someone. (In the way an uncle might, but not a real relative.) I would not have to lecture you like a Dutch uncle if you were not so extravagant. He acts more like a Dutch uncle than a husband. He's forever telling her what to do in public.
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Nothing is given so freely as advice.

Prov. People will give you advice more willingly than they give you anything else. Although no one in my family was willing to give me a loan, they all had suggestions about how I could get the money from elsewhere. Nothing is given so freely as advice. Don't hesitate to ask people what they think you ought to do. Nothing is given so freely as advice.
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sage advice

very good and wise advice. My parents gave me some sage advice when I turned 18. I asked my uncle for some of his sage advice.
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Dutch uncle

A stern, candid critic or adviser, as in When I got in trouble with the teacher again, the principal talked to me like a Dutch uncle . This expression, often put as talk to one like a Dutch uncle, presumably alludes to the sternness and sobriety attributed to the Dutch. [Early 1800s]
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References in classic literature ?
It sounds very hard, but let me tell you this: I would give all I have in the world if someone had given me that advice when I was your age and I had taken it.
Quietly folding up the prescription, she reminded him that he had proposed to ask her advice.
More than 50 percent of the field service advices that have been issued so far to the agents have been favorable to the taxpayer.
DH: Sometimes, in the course of an audit, you'll run across the matter of seeking technical advice, or seeking field service advice.
Field service advice is a system that the Service has established whereby the District Counsel attorneys and Chief Counsel's office provide advice to the examining agent.
DB: If the agent's going for field service advice, and you feel the agent has already developed all the facts, you can definitely influence the procedure by requesting technical advice.
DH: So ahead of time, in your first dealings, you'd put in writing to them a request that if there's going to be a field service advice that arises out of this audit, you would like to be informed of it?
They don't always agree to provide you an opportunity to have input, but they let you know when they're going for field service advice.
Sharpe, announced today that they are teaming up to offer personalized retirement planning and investment advice to SSgA defined contribution plan participants.
The SSgA Advice Accountsm gives participants access to trained, licensed financial advisors who can assist them in developing personalized asset allocations in their retirement plans.
After careful consideration of the available advisory services and technologies, SSgA has selected Financial Engines as an important component for our SSgA Advice Accountsm.
James Phalen, principal of SSgA, said: "With the addition of the Advice Account option to our existing defined contribution plan offerings, we continue to build on SSgA's strength as a world class retirement service provider.
Participants can elect whether or not they wish to follow the advice.