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advertise for

To make information known to a wider audience, usually with the intention to obtain or sell a product or service. When her house needed repairs, Kelly advertised for a handyman. The company hired me to advertise for their new product line.
See also: advertise

advertise something for (a price)

to make known by public notice that something is to be sold at a particular price. Is this the one that was advertised for a dollar?
See also: advertise

advertise something for something

to make known by public notice, such as broadcast or print notice, that something is available for purchase or rent. Was this apartment advertised for rent?
See also: advertise

advertise for someone or something

to advertise one's intention to purchase something or hire a particular type of person. Did you advertise for a new receptionist?
See also: advertise
References in classic literature ?
Well, the fact is they're advertising for a shop-walker tomorrow," said Athelny, looking at him doubtfully through his glasses.
The other, smiling straight at him, uttered very slowly: "You've been advertising for your son, I believe?
The old man was advertising for me then, and a chum I had with me had a no- tion of getting a couple quid out of him by writ- ing a lot of silly nonsense in a letter.
It's important for public schools to know that private schools have been advertising for a long time.
The Teletronics case appears to be the first of its kind to address the intriguing question of whether posting arguably non-promotional information on a Web site is advertising for purposes of insurance coverage.
Some books are advertised to the academic market, says Rockelle Henderson, associate director of advertising for Harper-Collins.
The problem is that advertising for adults often can't be segregated so that children are not exposed to it--you can't have, say, one section of the ballpark visible only to adults and another only to kids.
Buryk has been group vice president, advertising sales for The New York Times since 2001, overseeing advertising for The New York Times Magazine and multiple advertising categories for the newspaper, including the automotive, department stores and American and international fashion categories.
Charter's marketing team has also utilized Addressable Advertising for its own marketing purposes, including a campaign targeted to non-high-speed internet customers that used a poll to segment those that currently use DSL, dial-up, or do not have Internet access in distinct groups.
Moreover upfront advertising for the major networks will likely be down again this year.
com) to deliver client-defined RSS feeds and contextual advertising for use in the free version of the Viapoint Smart Organizer.
For example, a web page featuring a travel article about Hawaii could offer advertising for hotels in Hawaii, airlines flying to Hawaii, unique tourist attractions in Hawaii and more.
Everstream's S4 solutions enable the management and delivery of cross-platform advertising for video on demand and interactive programming.
That research demonstrated that banner advertising for impulse food products can have a positive effect on short-term sales volume.
Solbright specializes in providing web-based Internet advertising workflow solutions that streamline the implementation of rich media advertising for ad agencies and web publishers.
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