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advertise for

To make information known to a wider audience, usually with the intention to obtain or sell a product or service. When her house needed repairs, Kelly advertised for a handyman. The company hired me to advertise for their new product line.
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false advertising

1. In advertising, the act of making inaccurate claims about a product. If the ads say that a certain product is supposed to be able to do everything under the sun, it's probably false advertising.
2. By extension, in online dating, the act of falsely representing oneself, typically by posting misleading pictures of oneself or otherwise making false claims about oneself. He looked nothing like his Tinder picture—it was total false advertising!
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advertise for someone or something

to advertise one's intention to purchase something or hire a particular type of person. Did you advertise for a new receptionist?
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advertise something for (a price)

to make known by public notice that something is to be sold at a particular price. Is this the one that was advertised for a dollar?
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advertise something for something

to make known by public notice, such as broadcast or print notice, that something is available for purchase or rent. Was this apartment advertised for rent?
See also: advertise
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Lamb credits the accomplishment in large part to the advertising campaign, and he has not had to cut staffing or programming since.
Representatives of the advertising industry have reacted to the city's crusade with dismay and bewilderment.
The Teletronics case appears to be the first of its kind to address the intriguing question of whether posting arguably non-promotional information on a Web site is advertising for purposes of insurance coverage.
Is there anything wrong with an advertising agency that seeks to be honored by its peers for its creative work?
CPAs must view the advertising rule and its prohibitions in fight of their overall fiduciary duty as an investment adviser.
Most manufacturers or other vendors offer a variety of rebates or trade discounts, including an "allowance" for advertising.
Using these and other case studies, the authors try to prove that advertising has lost its original function, which was to establish a brand.
Gardner, vice president of diversity and strategic programs at the American Advertising Federation, agrees that the Coleman-Kmart deal is good news but notes that challenges remain.
Osteen ruled that the FDA had no statutory authority to regulate the advertising and promotion of "restricted devices," the category in which the agency had placed cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.
In 1993, the city of Atlanta hired Joel Babbitt, a former advertising executive, to help the city sell itself.
advertising significantly improves the number of closings of both distributor and manufacturer salespeople;
The Administration wants to ban brand-name advertising on products not related to smoking (such as T-shirts and baseball caps), and to require that all remaining outdoor tobacco advertisements be in "tombstone format"--black and white and text only.
Initiatives by doctors themselves have shown that the advertising is desired to varying degrees by the public, while the court has ruled that the former restriction on advertising was unconstitutional.
A report released this spring fingers yet another Internet threat: big, hairy spiders of advertising lurk on the World Wide Web, threatening all the Miss (and Master) Muffets out there.
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