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it pays to advertise

Advertising is advantageous (by bringing more attention, money, business, etc.) to whatever is being promoted. A: "Oh, I've seen videos of your performances online!" B: "Wow, it pays to advertise, huh?" We've gotten 10 orders since that ad campaign launched this morning—it pays to advertise, all right!
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advertise for

To make information known to a wider audience, usually with the intention to obtain or sell a product or service. When her house needed repairs, Kelly advertised for a handyman. The company hired me to advertise for their new product line.
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advertise for someone or something

to advertise one's intention to purchase something or hire a particular type of person. Did you advertise for a new receptionist?
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advertise something for (a price)

to make known by public notice that something is to be sold at a particular price. Is this the one that was advertised for a dollar?
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advertise something for something

to make known by public notice, such as broadcast or print notice, that something is available for purchase or rent. Was this apartment advertised for rent?
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Advertisers now have the ability to effectively manage their print and online classified ad campaigns through a single online console.
But for every printed story that draws advertiser ire, there are thousands that never see the light of day.
If a leasing format is selected with the intention that the advertiser be a subtenant of Sign Maven, then non-disturbance from Owner X must be provided for.
Baker's few examples of advertiser pressure actually undercut his own argument, for they show that news organizations are willing to publish and damn the consequences: The Washington State Fruit Commission pulls $71,000 worth of ads from CBS after "60 Minutes" airs a critical report on the hazards of the fruit pesticide Alar.