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advertise for (someone or something)

To make information known to a wider audience, usually with the intention to obtain or sell a product or service. When her house needed repairs, Kelly advertised for a handyman. The company hired me to advertise for their new product line.
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it pays to advertise

Advertising is advantageous (by bringing more attention, money, business, etc.) to whatever is being promoted. A: "Oh, I've seen videos of your performances online!" B: "Wow, it pays to advertise, huh?" We've gotten 10 orders since that ad campaign launched this morning—it pays to advertise, all right!
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advertise for someone or something

to advertise one's intention to purchase something or hire a particular type of person. Did you advertise for a new receptionist?
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advertise something for (a price)

to make known by public notice that something is to be sold at a particular price. Is this the one that was advertised for a dollar?
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advertise something for something

to make known by public notice, such as broadcast or print notice, that something is available for purchase or rent. Was this apartment advertised for rent?
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* The National Advertising Division has recommended that DermStore LLC discontinue claims at issue for the company's "SmartLash Eyelash Enhancer," including claims that the product is "Dermatologist Recommended." The advertising at issue appeared on the advertiser's Facebook page.
In the beginning, when advertisers went about publicizing their products, they would directly deal with media professionals to buy the requisite advertising space and time.
Oahu Publications was obliged under its union contracts to keep its entire newsroom staff of about 70 and only hired only an additional 28 Advertiser journalists; the remaining 90 Advertiser newsroom staffers were laid off.
In some cases, an advertiser might be able to limit the burden imposed by the disclosure requirement by identifying the specific population from which the testimonials were chosen.
Advertisers can also specify the duration and number of times that individuals may view their video ads.
Similarly, from the beginning of the gay travel newsletter Out & About, advertisers thirsted to reach that niche audience.
* Ford, Paramount and Sonic restaurants are three advertisers that have bought time on "Sopranos," which is more than half sold.
At this point, the flanking participants, advertiser and media, will complete the transaction; the media will provide an adjusted bill to the agency, which will rebill the adjustments to the client.
That ability to microtarget specific messages at very particular groups of people can, however, let dishonest advertisers discriminate against minority groups or spread politically divisive misinformation.
Advertisers can set up and purchase advertising with self-serve platforms available for Google, Bing, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.
Summary: New Delhi [India], August 5 (ANI): Vidooly, a video intelligence startup on Friday launched a "Brand Safety" tool for advertisers, brands and agencies globally, whereby a brand's ads are displayed over or associated with content that violates the brand guidelines or brand philosophy.
On governance, Morrison said: "It is up to the individual advertiser to decide what they should put in place to incentivise responsibility for mit- igating ad fraud.
Customers, for my organization, are advertisers and agencies, So, to instill an approach that we can really try to listen to what the advertiser needs and deliver great ad products and great experiences for them so that they're able to make great connections with Yahoo's consumers.