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it pays to advertise

Advertising is advantageous (by bringing more attention, money, business, etc.) to whatever is being promoted. A: "Oh, I've seen videos of your performances online!" B: "Wow, it pays to advertise, huh?" We've gotten 10 orders since that ad campaign launched this morning—it pays to advertise, all right!
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advertise for

To make information known to a wider audience, usually with the intention to obtain or sell a product or service. When her house needed repairs, Kelly advertised for a handyman. The company hired me to advertise for their new product line.
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advertise for someone or something

to advertise one's intention to purchase something or hire a particular type of person. Did you advertise for a new receptionist?
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advertise something for (a price)

to make known by public notice that something is to be sold at a particular price. Is this the one that was advertised for a dollar?
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advertise something for something

to make known by public notice, such as broadcast or print notice, that something is available for purchase or rent. Was this apartment advertised for rent?
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An adviser may advertise investment performance as either the performance of actual portfolios it manages or of a model portfolio that has no assets but is managed as though it does and may mimic an actual portfolio's investment strategy.
Vendors often agree to compensate resellers if the reseller advertises the vendors' products.
Budgets are small, so throughout the year we'll advertise two or three books at a time," said Henderson.
IDC found that companies are increasingly beginning to view the Internet as a viable means to reach new audiences and advertise more effectively.
If cigarette companies have to avoid any ad that might catch the eye or tickle the fancy of a 16-year-old, they might as well not advertise at all (which would suit Kessler fine).
And remember, one of the most convincing reasons to advertise, as Steuart H.
Restriction lifted, province's doctors can advertise