advance (up)on

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advance (up)on

To move forward or maneuver toward a location or goal, such as in a military offensive or a similarly coordinated march or effort. The army advanced upon the enemy capital. After gathering at city hall, the protesters advanced on the senator's office.
See also: advance

advance (up)on someone or something

to move toward someone or something. (Typically in military maneuvers or in team sports, such as American football. Upon is more formal and less commonly used than on.) They advanced upon the town, firing their rifles and shouting.
See also: advance, on

advance on

or advance upon
To move increasingly closer to someone or something: On the last lap of the race, I looked back and saw the other runners advancing on me. The army advanced upon the enemy's position.
See also: advance, on
References in classic literature ?
That our principal movements were known to the First Born I could not have doubted, in view of the attack of the fleet upon us the day before, nor could the stopping of the pumps of Omean at the psychological moment have been due to chance, nor the starting of a chemical combustion within the one corridor through which we were advancing upon the Temple of Issus been due to aught than well-calculated design.
As I turned, romance, adventure, and discovery in the abstract took wing before the terrible embodiment of all three in concrete form that I beheld advancing upon me.
Now the four remaining Dyaks were advancing upon the two men.
At last his own ears caught the slightest of rustlings, now here, now there, advancing upon him in the circle of the compass.
The attention of the green warriors turned principally upon the bowmen advancing upon them from the city, and upon the savage banths that paced beside them--cruel beasts of war, infinitely more terrible than their own savage calots.
And quantum teleportation, while not yet perfected, is something scientists have been advancing upon in recent years.
Florida is Maxie at 2, screaming in terror at seeing a giant costumed human-dog hybrid advancing upon her (it was Pluto); Josie at 3, pupils dilated with pure joy and sugar as she rode the Bug's Life train and licked a lollipop shaped like Mickey's iconic head; the girls at 5 and 8, chasing their Brazilian cousins around the turn-of-the-century-Coney-Island-evoking BoardWalk as wee cousin Michel yelled at Max in Portuguese and frustration, "Why can't you speak Portuguese?
Or what king marching into battle would not first sit down and decide whether with ten thousand troops he can successfully oppose another king advancing upon him with twenty thousand troops?
What should give people pause is that this technology is advancing upon us without anyone having chosen it," Aftergood said.
I saw creatures called DRA and PACE advancing upon LTC operators and changing their world.
Technically initiated by the Mexican government, the PPP is advancing upon the strength of individual contracts negotiated between American-based multinationals, funders and think tanks, and impoverished or corrupt governments of the South.
Reacting to a strange whispering sound, he sees two demons advancing upon him.
I doubt there's another theater performer anywhere who can be actressy and yet amazing within seconds, as Vanessa is advancing upon that eternal student, Trofimov (an appealing Ben Miles), her snappish anger giving way to anguished regret.
The title was apparently taken from a radio address by a Franco general, Emilio Mola, after the fall of Toledo: "We have four columns advancing upon Madrid.
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