advance (up)on (something or some place)

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advance (up)on (something or some place)

To move forward or maneuver toward a location or goal, such as in a military offensive or a similarly coordinated march or effort. The army advanced upon the enemy capital. After gathering at city hall, the protesters advanced on the senator's office.
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advance (up)on someone or something

to move toward someone or something. (Typically in military maneuvers or in team sports, such as American football. Upon is more formal and less commonly used than on.) They advanced upon the town, firing their rifles and shouting.
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advance on

or advance upon
To move increasingly closer to someone or something: On the last lap of the race, I looked back and saw the other runners advancing on me. The army advanced upon the enemy's position.
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References in classic literature ?
The modern steamship advances upon a still and overshadowed sea with a pulsating tremor of her frame, an occasional clang in her depths, as if she had an iron heart in her iron body; with a thudding rhythm in her progress and the regular beat of her propeller, heard afar in the night with an august and plodding sound as of the march of an inevitable future.
What strange developments of humanity, what wonderful advances upon our rudimentary civilization, I thought, might not appear when I came to look nearly into the dim elusive world that raced and fluctuated before my eyes!
According to announcement of the university on Monday, this move advances upon its similar sister imitative, commenced earlier at Pakistan Study Centre of the varsity.
"He asked us to kiss and she began some sort of advances upon his direction."
This is a work crammed with exploratory effects, many of them requiring unusual advances upon instruments, and bravely risking Symphony Hall's acoustic ruthlessness as it does so.
The Duke ripped Angelo's medals from his uniform and Lucio was stricken at the prospect of marriage to a prostitute--an obese, heavily made-up woman in fishnet stockings, holding the hand of a little girl who called out to him, "Daddy!" The Duke's sudden advances upon Isabella--her victory as short-lived as Mortimer's in Edward II--were framed in a fading spotlight that illuminated Isabella's expression of horror as she understood the ordeals that would soon begin anew.
For example, a male and female staff member go to a bar on their night off and then return slightly intoxicated; the male in question begins to make sexual advances upon the female including groping her and using obscene language.
As you'll recall, Jones alleges that in 1991, when she was a 24-year-old Arkansas state employee, then-Governor Clinton made unwelcome sexual advances upon her in a hotel suite that culminated in his dropping his pants and asking for oral sex.
At sunrise it once more steps upon the earth, advances upon it, showing that it has preserved its fero cwicu.
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