advance (something) to (one)

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advance (something) to (one)

To pay one ahead of schedule. Maria's boss advanced next week's paycheck to her so that she could pay her car repair bill.
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advance something to someone or something (against something)

to make an early payment of a sum of money promised or owed to a person or organization. We advanced the money to Tom against his next month's salary.
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advance to(ward) someone or something

to move forward in the direction of someone or something. The line of people slowly advanced to the door of the theater.
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I advanced to meet the larger, telling the Zodangan to do the best he could with the other.
The court also said the Tax Court had ignored the credible testimony of one of the company's shareholders that he fully expected to be repaid the amounts he had advanced to Indmar.
The upgrade price from FileMaker Server 7 Advanced to FileMaker Server 8 Advanced is attractively priced at just $749.
Winner: 11th Signal Detachment, 2nd Signal Brigade (Network Enterprise Technology Command) (Advanced to DoD competition)
Winner: 3rd Military Intelligence Battalion (Intelligence and Security Command) (Advanced to DoD competition)
Winner: 532nd Military Intelligence Battalion (Intelligence and Security Command) (Advanced to DoD competition)
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