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advanced in years

Of an older age. Though my grandpa loves to read, he is rather advanced in years and has a hard time making out small print anymore.
See also: advanced, year

advance (up)on

To move forward or maneuver toward a location or goal, such as in a military offensive or a similarly coordinated march or effort. The army advanced upon the enemy capital. After gathering at city hall, the protesters advanced on the senator's office.
See also: advance

advance (something) to

To pay money ahead of schedule. Maria's boss advanced next week's paycheck to her so that she could pay her car repair bill.
See also: advance

advance toward

To move forward or maneuver toward a location or goal The army advanced toward the enemy capital. I crossed the street to avoid the strange man advancing toward me.
See also: advance, toward

up in years

 and advanced in years; along in years; on in years
Fig. old; elderly. My uncle is up in years and can't hear too well. Many people lose their hearing somewhat when they are along in years.
See also: up, year
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