advance to

advance (something) to (one)

To pay one ahead of schedule. Maria's boss advanced next week's paycheck to her so that she could pay her car repair bill. Unfortunately, you'll have to submit the piece in order to get paid. We never advance payment to anyone. I know I'm not supposed to get paid till next Thursday, but is there any chance you could advance the money to me now?
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advance something to someone or something (against something)

to make an early payment of a sum of money promised or owed to a person or organization. We advanced the money to Tom against his next month's salary.
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advance to(ward) someone or something

to move forward in the direction of someone or something. The line of people slowly advanced to the door of the theater.
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References in classic literature ?
When an invading force crosses a river in its onward march, do not advance to meet it in mid-stream.
As long as he makes no attempt to advance to second, the umpire will never call him out on an appealed tag.
If, for example, a subsequent throw to third gets away from the third baseman, it would be much easier for him to advance to second if he has drifted into fair territory after crossing first base.
It is much easier, quicker, and more natural to advance to second while facing it, rather than attempting to advance after making a turn to the right.
(2) An advance to a depository institution must be secured to the satisfaction of the Federal Reserve Bank that makes the advance.
Thus, the Service disregarded the bonus payments as income; instead, it found the loan proceeds to be a cash advance to the employee.
In the other financing transaction, the intermediate entity or an affiliate advances the money or property to the financed entity or to another intermediate entity so that ultimately the chain ends with an advance to the financed entity, a U.S.
Whether the intermediate entity would have been able to make the advance to the financed entity without the advance to it from the financing entity; 3.
752(b) deemed distribution resulting from a decrease in a partner's liability share is treated as an advance to be netted at year-end against partnership basis.