advance to

advance (something) to

To pay money ahead of schedule. Maria's boss advanced next week's paycheck to her so that she could pay her car repair bill.
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advance something to someone or something (against something)

to make an early payment of a sum of money promised or owed to a person or organization. We advanced the money to Tom against his next month's salary.
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advance to(ward) someone or something

to move forward in the direction of someone or something. The line of people slowly advanced to the door of the theater.
See also: advance
References in classic literature ?
When an invading force crosses a river in its onward march, do not advance to meet it in mid-stream.
It is vital that we understand how consumers take to Advance to assess the commercial viability of this type of product.
The technology enables the Game Boy Advance to function as a personal video player with the Game Boy controls allowing the viewer to Pause, Resume, Stop, Rewind and Chapter Search each of the television episodes on the GBA-TV cartridge.
When the servicer determines an advance to be non-recoverable based on inadequate property value, the servicer is entitled to reimbursement of the advance.
Players can also play with their Chao in "Sonic Adventure(TM) 2 Battle" on Nintendo GameCube(TM), by connecting their Game Boy Advance to their Nintendo GameCube console.
The investment will enable Advance to acquire and develop up to $300 million a year in commercial real estate for the next five years in the Boston to Washington, D.
The Servicing Agreements governing the various Trusts provide that each month the Servicer shall advance to the Trustee interest on Home Equity Loans that are delinquent (a "Delinquency Advance").
Urban economist Chuck Teller, of Economic & Planning Systems in Berkeley, California, recently used Advance to perform a comprehensive financial feasibility and re-use analysis of Mather Air Force Base.