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verb To act mature and responsible. This slang term is typically used humorously by young adults. Ugh, I can't adult today—I'm going back to bed.


slang The (sometimes daunting) task of acting mature and responsible. Usually used humorously by young adults. Does this mean I have to cook for myself now? I hate adulting. Adulting is the worst—as soon as I get paid, the money goes directly to bills.
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large adult son

An oafish man prone to rambunctious behavior, despite having reached adulthood. The frequent subject of memes, the phrase is often linked to a family photo of American politician Mike Huckabee that includes his two literally large adult sons. Despite being 35 years old, my son is such a doofus. I can't believe I have a large adult son. My large adult sons just gave our dog a bath in the trunk of my car.
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older adult

A person past middle age, perhaps (but not necessarily) elderly. Now that I'm an older adult, I have all these aches and pains that I never felt before. You don't have to speak loudly to them, you know—not all older adults have trouble hearing.
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"It's clear that it's not just homes and cars that are important adulthood milestones for Brits, with the purchase of household items being more important to many."
But the interruption and delay of Daahir's education, due to displacement and lack of money, has had a ripple effect on his transition into adulthood, both personally and within the Somali refugee community.
Edgar is a bit skeptical about the report that shifts the age at which adulthood begins.If this age can shift, then is there really such a thing as adulthood?
'These findings suggest that our early social lives may have a small protective influence on our physical health in adulthood, and it's not just our caregivers or financial circumstances, but also our friends who may be health protective,' says psychological scientist Jenny Cundiff of Texas Tech University.
* Eric Hill: Larkin High, English Language Arts/Adolescence and Young Adulthood;
Obstacles like discrimination and a lack of resources can make the path to adulthood even more difficult.
However, the same cannot be said about empirical research on emerging adulthood. Studies such as the ones conducted by Christopher Salvatore, Travis Taniguchi, and Wayne Welsh provide support for the notion that emerging adulthood could be integrated into Moffitt's developmental taxonomy but stop short of integrating the ideas empirically due to a lack of longitudinal analyses.
Previous investigations have highlighted early determinants of high BMI in adulthood, which include high birthweight, high pre-pregnancy maternal and post-birth childhood BMI, early menarche, high dietary intake, low socio-economic status and low levels of physical activity.
Historians' tendency to separate the private and public spheres when considering citizenship has led to a historiography that has overlooked the political significance of adulthood in framing both private and public hierarchies.
The burden is then later seen in adulthood, when these problems become costly public health and social issues."
Duke University researchers found that children with mental health problems like depression, anxiety/behavioural problems were six times more likely than those with no psychiatric problems to have difficulties in adulthood.
In "Getting a Life with Asperger's: Lessons Learned on the Bumpy Road to Adulthood" author Jesse A.
Much of the time, of course, these traditions are less about actual adulthood, and more about the formality of declaring yourself an adult so you can make a supposedly adult commitment to your religion.
And it shows that serious illness, struggling to hold down a regular job and poor social relationships are just some of the adverse outcomes in adulthood faced by those exposed to bullying in childhood.