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older adult

A person past middle age, perhaps (but not necessarily) elderly. Now that I'm an older adult, I have all these aches and pains that I never felt before. You don't have to speak loudly to them, you know—not all older adults have trouble hearing.
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slang The (sometimes daunting) task of acting mature and responsible. Usually used humorously by young adults. Does this mean I have to cook for myself now? I hate adulting. Adulting is the worst—as soon as I get paid, the money goes directly to bills.
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verb To act mature and responsible. This slang term is typically used humorously by young adults. Ugh, I can't adult today—I'm going back to bed.

large adult son

An oafish man prone to rambunctious behavior, despite having reached adulthood. The frequent subject of memes, the phrase is often linked to a family photo of American politician Mike Huckabee that includes his two literally large adult sons. Despite being 35 years old, my son is such a doofus. I can't believe I have a large adult son. My large adult sons just gave our dog a bath in the trunk of my car.
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Emerging adulthood is a very real part of life, but it's important to understand that it affects people differently depending on their background (Syed & Mitchell, 2013).
The above studies provide a useful starting point and establish emerging adulthood as a legitimate area of criminological inquiry, as well as the continued need for integration of emerging adulthood into theoretical paradigms in criminology.
19) Of the 395 participants, 80 were excluded due to missing childhood and/or adulthood weight and/or height information required to calculate BMI.
Siblings who come from an intact family tend to have stronger and more frequent communication in adulthood than those who come from non-intact families (Mack, 2004; Rocca et al.
The researchers found that as these children grew into adults, even some of those who had no psychiatric diagnosis as children -- nearly one in five -- stumbled in adulthood, suggesting that difficulties were not limited to those with psychiatric diagnoses.
But the rigid image of adulthood is very prevalent, and it's hard not to buy into.
Professor Dieter Wolke, of the University of Warwick, and Dr William Copeland, of Duke University Medical Center, led the research and found the 'bully-victims' presented the most significant health risk for adulthood, being more than six times more likely to be diagnosed with a serious illness, smoke regularly or develop a psychiatric disorder.
The traditional transition period between adolescence and adulthood has become extended.
The experience of bullying in childhood can have profound effects on mental health in adulthood, particularly among youths involved in bullying as both a perpetuator and a victim," she added.
For this reason a recent study in Germany looked at the effect of breastfeeding in the prevention of major depression in adulthood.
Boys and girls tended to handle anxiety from bullying differently (avoidance versus suicidality), but the effects of bullying were found to be substantial and varied in adulthood.
Overweight or obese children who lose weight by the time they reach young adulthood markedly decrease their cardiovascular risks, according to a report.
The changes that come with coming in adulthood are something we all face, but for Janner Wingfeather, his brother's progress into adulthood is cause for concern.
In your introduction to the first compilation, "coming-of-age" novels, you defined this stage as "the transition from childhood to adulthood.
CHILDREN with behavioural problems at school are more than twice as likely to suffer chronic pain in adulthood, researchers said.