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adulterate (something) with (something)

To dilute or corrupt one substance with another. After an increase in fatal overdoses, the police discovered that the local drug dealers were adulterating heroin with fentanyl. The remake adulterates the classic story with a political agenda.
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adulterate something with something

to dilute or taint something with some other substance. They adulterated the wine with some sort of drug.
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Therefore the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) and the fuel sellers have been fleecing the consumers of million of rupees with Pakistan State Oil remaining atop the adulterators.
At one point the narrator displays his anger at "white imitators and adulterators" who alter ragtime music and use it to make money and acquire fame.
For example, milk adulterators could be sentenced to one year of distributing donated milk to soup kitchens; the owner of an auto repair firm that repeatedly charged for services not performed could provide free (and accurate) diagnostic testing to the community.
Adulterators fill these bottles with hands, so the level of variation is very high, hence showing that the bottles are fake.
PESHAWAR -- The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Safety and Halal Food Authority, Peshawar, has seized 24,000 kgs of fake spices and sealed eight spice production units during a crackdown on the adulterators.
He said indiscriminate action was being taken against adulterators and the authority has aimed to eradicate illegal activities and malpractices from the food sector.
to continue operation against adulterators with a high spirit.
On the other hand, as per the vision of Punjab CM Sardar Usman Buzdar, several operations have been conducted against adulterators. DG Muhammad Usman said that adulterators were involved in selling cola drinks, tainted milk, spurious juices and daal matri.
He warned that such action against adulterators would continue till its elimination.
The Bench had earlier said it would be foolish to go lightly on adulterators just because no grievous illness or death has been reported immediately after someone drinks milk laced with such poisonous substances.
He made it clear that the local administration would not be lenient with adulterators; and elements playing with the health and lives of people would be taken to task.
In August 2003, Federal Cabinet increased the punishment for adulterators to 25 years imprisonment.
On the temporal side why shall not our governments at various levels enforce deterrent punishments to adulterators initially through legislation, and latterly through setting up a machinery that will be efficient enough to detect foulplay where ever it exists?
It continues to do grand operation against adulterators to make Punjab free of adulteration.