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adulterate (something) with (something)

To dilute or corrupt one substance with another. After an increase in fatal overdoses, the police discovered that the local drug dealers were adulterating heroin with fentanyl. The remake adulterates the classic story with a political agenda. Don't adulterate our fine sport with doping!
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adulterate something with something

to dilute or taint something with some other substance. They adulterated the wine with some sort of drug.
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[USPRwire, Wed Aug 21 2019] Adulteration has been a significant problem in the oil trade for a long time, which is sometimes deliberate and occasionally accidental.
As a result of the levy, he added, kerosene consumption plummeted from 42 million litres per year to 15 million "proving that vehicles on Kenyan roads are still running on kerosene".The committee accused the regulator of sacrificing Kenyans at the altar of powerful groups responsible for fuel adulteration.
The support of government is also required to root out the adulteration mafia from Pakistan.
The teams recovered 20 sacks of broken ice to be used in adulteration, more than 400 litres of rancid oil, 160 kilogrammes of non-food colour and 300 kgs of China salt,' the official said.
In the very start of this year Punjab Food Authority did a crackdown against milk adulteration mafia and around 28,857 litres of impure milk was disposed of across province.
The KP FSA Kohat has carried out 213 inspections during the holy month of Ramazan to curb food adulterations. In these operations over six outlets were sealed while over 5000 liters of fake and misbranded cold drinks were also seized and later discarded.
The FSMA final rule on intentional adulteration is designed to address hazards that may be intentionally introduced to foods, including by acts of terrorism, with the intent to cause wide-spread harm to public health.
Usman said that incidents of adulteration are very common in open spices.
The replacement, according to ABI president PemaTenzin, cost the industries billions.'Being an international trade where consignee is from the third countries, there placed ferrosilicon is becoming hard to bring itback,' he said.The ABI has alsorequested the West Bengalgovernment to investigateon the adulteration andhelp ABI to return thosereplaced ferrosilicon backto the country.The adulteration,according to thepresident, has stoppedsince few weeks.
'The difference in the rates applicable to these two petroleum products has led to adulteration of the fuel products resulting in loss of excise duty revenue to the Exchequer,' Treasury CS Henry Rotich said in his 2018/2019 budget speech.
Published data on boswellia adulteration have focused mainly on admixture or substitution with oleogum resins from other Boswellia species, in particular B.
Complexity of detection during spice adulteration makes the condiments industry very vulnerable to fraud.
News Desk A Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) mobile court fined nine fast-food shops Tk 4.30 lakh in the city's New Market area on Sunday as part of a drive against food adulteration. The mobile court also fined the departmental shop 'Swapna' at Banani Tk 10 lakh for selling unhygienic food items.
In recent years, awareness of food safety and quality has increased, and issues such as the adulteration of meat products have become critical in matters involving personal health, economy and religion (MANE et al., 2012a).Although, food adulteration has been reported by various researchers worldwide (MANE et al., 2012b; KARABASANAVAR et al., 2013; MOUSAVI et al., 2015), few scientific studies have investigated the frequency of food adulteration in different Brazilian states.