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adulterate (something) with (something)

To dilute or corrupt one substance with another. After an increase in fatal overdoses, the police discovered that the local drug dealers were adulterating heroin with fentanyl. The remake adulterates the classic story with a political agenda. Don't adulterate our fine sport with doping!
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adulterate something with something

to dilute or taint something with some other substance. They adulterated the wine with some sort of drug.
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Obiagulu added that her men also arrested another truck with registration number Anambra: ATN:996ZK at Uga, Aguata area with 25, 000 litres of adulterated petroleum product.
Most multinational milk companies obtain marketing permission through bribes and sell adulterated milk that causes cancer and liver and cardiac diseases.
He said that such stern action will be taken against those manufacturing substandard and adulterated items that their future generations will also not think of such a heinous trade.
" I don't rule out the possibility that milk adulterated with chemicals is sold in Delhi.
milk.The food authority discarded the adulterated milk and imposed fine on him.
Even fruits, milk and beverages are also adulterated. Urea is mixed to make muri more white and large.
On Friday, PFA officials conducted a province-wide crackdown against adulterated milk and collected milk samples from each district of the province.
Varanasi/Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh), Oct.23 (ANI): Authorities in Varanasi and Gorakhpur have raided shops and seized adulterated sweets and oil ahead of the Hindu festival of lights, Diwali.
A FAST-TRACK court in Bulandshahr on Monday awarded life imprisonment to two persons for manufacturing adulterated milk and milk products.
The Food Department of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), on the directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, launched crackdown on adulterated milk and installed screening pickets for inspecting the quality of milk at city entry points.
MINGORA -- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Safety and Halal Food Authority claimed here the other day to have discarded more than 1,200 litres of adulterated and unhygienic milk seized from different dairy shops in the Mingora Bazaar.
Mohammad Usman have conducted 16 hours long operation in Sargodha and sealed 11 big production units while also seized many truck full of adulterated goods.
LAHORE -- The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) will install latest incinerators in the five cities of Punjab for discarding substandard and adulterated food items.
launched against adulterated fertilizers and pesticides
FOLLOWING the explosion of adulterated kerosene in Ezza south local government area of Ebonyi State, which a life was lost, the State Government has banned totally the sale of adulterated kerosene in the state.