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adulterate (something) with

To dilute or corrupt one substance with another. After an increase in fatal overdoses, the police discovered that the local drug dealers were adulterating heroin with fentanyl. The remake adulterates the classic story with a political agenda.
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adulterate something with something

to dilute or taint something with some other substance. They adulterated the wine with some sort of drug.
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The complaint alleged that the defendants violated the law by causing food to become adulterated while it was held for sale after shipment of one or more of its components in interstate commerce.
In this work, a sensor was fabricated by incorporating PDA polymer in poly(e-caprolactone) (PCL) for a fast detection of the adulterated gasoline.
A few years ago Standing Committee on Human Rights was informed that 70 percent adulterated food and 52 percent adulterated mineral water was being sold in the market.
He said that those selling substandard, unhygienic and adulterated food items and Haram meat deserve exemplary and deterrent punishment.
Milk is mixed with water; Vanaspati is used as an adulterant for ghee; Ergot is used as an adulterant for cereals; Chalk-powder is used as an adulterant for flour; Papaya seeds are used as an adulterant for pepper; Brick-powder is used as an adulterant for chili-powder; Tamarind seed powder is used as adulterant for coffee; Wood powder is adulterated for turmeric and dhaniya powder.
Officials of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Jazan recently seized large quantities of adulterated and low-quality rice from a warehouse run by illegal workers.
Paswan elaborates on the steps taken by the ministry to ensure a check on the sell of adulterated goods during the festive season
In PEO Solution, Peskin reiterates this same theory that the population at large is eating a diet replete with adulterated oils, particularly adulterated omega-6 fats.
5 ( ANI ): Taking cognizance of reports of adulterated milk being sold without hindrance in states such as Uttar Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal, the Supreme Court Thursday called on he state governments to amend their laws to prevent production and marketing of adulterated milk.
The department had taken 5,727 samples of different pesticides during the ongoing campaign and sent to laboratory for analysis and taking action against the adulterated or fake pesticides, the department arrested 70 persons," a senior official directly involved in the confiscation of the pesticides consignment told the meeting
Indians may think twice before gulping down a glass of milk after the country's food safety regulator found most samples collected in a survey were either diluted or adulterated with products including fertilizer, bleach and detergent.
Dubai Two gangs have been arrested for trading in adulterated saffron and selling it as the original imported product, Dubai Police has announced.
The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has notified four brand holders of caffeinated alcohol beverages (CAB) that a determination by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that their products are adulterated under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act would render their products mislabeled under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act (which is enforced by TTB).
SB Pharmco, a unit of GSK, agreed to plead guilty to a criminal felony for releasing adulterated drugs into commerce, accounting for $150 million of the settlement.
Pakistan, June 12 -- In a midnight operation on Wednesday, the officials of district management under the supervision of a special magistrate conducted surprise raids on factories manufacturing adulterated spices in the vicinity of the congested Bacha Khan Chowk and arrested at least four persons while others escaped in the darkness.