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adorn (someone or something) with (something)

To embellish or decorate someone or something with some kind of decoration. We always adorn our tree with lights, ornaments, and tinsel on Christmas Eve. She adorned herself with expensive jewelry before going to the cocktail party.
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adorn someone or something with something

to decorate or ornament someone or something with something. They adorned the room with garlands of flowers.
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By far the sexiest thing in The Brethren is the author's photo, which adorns the jacket flap.
Newspapers in major cities ran stories about his victory last week, and his face adorns the latest cover of Newsweek.
Throughout its evolution, this architectural gem has retained its original exterior structure together with the grand spiral staircase which still adorns the lobby today.
Solberg adorns the office of Los Angeles Councilwoman Janice Hahn.
We are excited about the new line, and feel that parents, grandparents, and relatives of newborns and toddlers will all enjoy the high quality of clothing and products we are introducing, and the fun artwork that adorns all the products," said Fleming.
In Old Downtown Newhall, three businesses within two blocks have exterior murals: A painting of a pool table and tavern furnishings adorn half the storefront for Herald's bar, foot-high artworks border the lower wall at an auto repair business, and a life-size skateboarder adorns the outside of a skateboarding supply shop.
PHOTO (1--Color) The Gallo of Sonoma label adorns the fine wine line.
It is surrounded by a high wall, and his Renaissance-style crest adorns the ornate entrances to the estate.