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adorn (someone or something) with (something)

To embellish or decorate someone or something with some kind of decoration. We always adorn our tree with lights, ornaments, and tinsel on Christmas Eve. She adorned herself with expensive jewelry before going to the cocktail party.
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adorn someone or something with something

to decorate or ornament someone or something with something. They adorned the room with garlands of flowers.
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We may need an arena, a theatre or a museum, but that is building with a small ``b'' and just adorning a present need.
Adorning the city's harbour facade, these aerial structures that surrounded the north-eastern side of the bay provided expansive, spectacular views of ships returning from across the sea; a tradition recently reinterpreted by local architect Tomas Carranza in his design for this new and contemporary attic storey.
Coming in from the bright sunlight, a woman kneels before an altar in the dimness of the church; she has lit a small candle, and with many other small candles the light is reflected off glinting fabrics and jewels adorning the statue of the Mother of God.
FASHION-CONSCIOUS women are adorning the back ends of a fleet of buses.
The common waxbill's habit of adorning its nests with fur plucked from carnivore scat turns out to discourage attacks from predators.