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adorn (someone or something) with (something)

To embellish or decorate someone or something with some kind of decoration. We always adorn our tree with lights, ornaments, and tinsel on Christmas Eve. She adorned herself with expensive jewelry before going to the cocktail party.
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adorn someone or something with something

to decorate or ornament someone or something with something. They adorned the room with garlands of flowers.
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The breakout look is crystals adorning lucite, which gives the illusion of the foot floating on the red carpet," he said.
We may need an arena, a theatre or a museum, but that is building with a small ``b'' and just adorning a present need.
Adorning the city's harbour facade, these aerial structures that surrounded the north-eastern side of the bay provided expansive, spectacular views of ships returning from across the sea; a tradition recently reinterpreted by local architect Tomas Carranza in his design for this new and contemporary attic storey.
Coming in from the bright sunlight, a woman kneels before an altar in the dimness of the church; she has lit a small candle, and with many other small candles the light is reflected off glinting fabrics and jewels adorning the statue of the Mother of God.
HOLLYWOOD -- For the twelfth consecutive year, Charisma Designs will present the extraordinary floral display of more than 75,000 blooms adorning the Kodak Theater located at the Hollywood Highland Complex for the 77th Annual Academy Awards presentation.
FASHION-CONSCIOUS women are adorning the back ends of a fleet of buses.
The exact number of porcelain tile pieces adorning the dragon is unknown, but it is estimated that it will be in the hundreds of thousands.
The common waxbill's habit of adorning its nests with fur plucked from carnivore scat turns out to discourage attacks from predators.
For the eleventh consecutive year, Charisma Designs will present the extraordinary, floral display of more than 70,000 blooms adorning the Kodak Theater located to the Hollywood Highland Complex for the 76th Annual Academy Awards presentation.
In some cases, the theft is obvious, such as the more than 300 pieces of art owned by the city that have gone missing over the years and are suspected of adorning the private walls of public officials and employees past and present.
By adorning themselves in stylishly "sticky" fashions, high school students will be eligible to participate in the third annual Duck(R) brand Stuck at Prom(TM) contest, with the chance to win $2,500 each for college.
The bulk of the city's artwork is adorning city offices or public spaces, Filer said.
With a teddy bear and a basket of pink-and-white flowers adorning her silver casket, 8-year-old Sara Criado was remembered Monday as a sensitive, bright and inquisitive youngster who died too soon.
The 12 gold and jewel-encrusted eggs adorning the MCI PrePaid cards are owned by Forbes Magazine and are the largest private collection of the Imperial Easter eggs in the world.