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adorn (someone or something) with (something)

To embellish or decorate someone or something with some kind of decoration. We always adorn our tree with lights, ornaments, and tinsel on Christmas Eve. She adorned herself with expensive jewelry before going to the cocktail party.
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adorn someone or something with something

to decorate or ornament someone or something with something. They adorned the room with garlands of flowers.
See also: adorn
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Ludhiana, March2 (ANI): Global recession or not, car owners in Ludhiana dig deep into their pockets for fancy digits to adorn their number plates.
The baroque era witnessed a flowering of the tilemaker's art, with vivid colours and wide-ranging subject matter - religious scenes, plants, animals, people and landscapes - but the riotous polychromy of these was gradually overtaken by the more sober blue and white tiles that currently adorn so many Portuguese churches and public buildings.
ADORN, Equip, an exhibition that examines issues involving the design of equipment and accessories for disabled people, has inspired the production of beautiful, functional objects and thought-provoking work.
Adorn your coffee table with two new books that combine stunning photography with an urgent message about preserving our wild heritage.
They could include little diamonds--a wistful reminder of the fact that, for Catholic clergy, diamonds would never adorn an engagement ring.
com)-- Eco-luxe, cruelty free cosmetic company Adorn Cosmetics has recently launched an innovative Eco-Refill Program.
Then he uses choice words for covering the windows of vacant shops, like adorn and enhancing.
Grossman's colorful sticker packets adorn the shelves and twirl racks of many an art store and grocery, so she would seem the perfect author to present Designer Scrapbooks With Mrs.
Today the restored paintings adorn the entrance to the national railway museum in York.
Ian Hardman, CEO of Davin Wheels, a Rhode Island-based company whose patented rims adorn the cars of executives and celebrities such as Shaquille O'Neal and Allen Iverson, calls the surge a personality statement.
In my opinion, he has shown that these 'gems' constitute a single unity, a beautiful crown to adorn the heart and mind.
Students will also be pleased to hear that their work will adorn the walls of the new College which is due to open in August.
Several decades ago, as scientists began to piece together the structure of the beads, they observed that small groups of atoms known as acetyl or methyl groups frequently adorn the histones.