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adore (one) for (something)

To admire or love one for a certain trait or ability. I adore Jean for her studiousness—she is the hardest worker I've ever met. She adores him for his muscular build and thick head of hair.
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adore someone for doing something

to be in awe of someone for doing something well. Everyone adores Sally for her wonderful sense of humor.
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adore someone for having something

to be in awe of someone because of a particular trait or feature. Robert adores Mary for her smiling eyes.
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She then gazed adoringly up at William as she held his hand before helping the Queen collect flowers from local children after the service.
With a repeated chorus of 'I'm so sensitive--I'm so sensitive..' being adoringly sung back at them, it seems as though ( through the loss of original band members, and consequently the more melodic sound they have created ( TBS have captured the imagination of the pre-pubescent masses and the major labels.
"Politicians' wives are trained to look on adoringly when their husbands speak.
The handsome actor removes his shirt with gleeful abandon, as the camera lingers on his washboard stomach and rippling biceps while Al Pacino's tough-talking businessman refers to him adoringly as "The Marlboro man!" and coos about how fit and hunky he looks.
Charlotte gazed adoringly at Gavin as they were photographed together - but there was something a bit familiar about the scenario.
Fool For Your Loving and David Coverdale's impromptu a cappella Soldier Of Fortune from his Deep Purple days gained the most rapturous response, but every second of Coverdale's posturing and preening was lapped up adoringly and even the completely superfluous solos that padded out Crying In The Rain to gargantuan proportions were greeted warmly - even though drummer Tommy Aldridge is the only other remaining member of the famous line-up.
He was snapped smiling proudly as his girlfriend gazed adoringly into his smug face.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven," we sing adoringly, and later we proclaim, "For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever."
It's such a creepily self-reflexive citation that I formed a mental picture of X's days spent poring over Gottlieb's manuscript and then padding adoringly into the den to glimpse him sagely taking notes while watching Rebecca on the VCR.
Growing up in Gorseinon, Swansea, the young Halfpenny (above) watched adoringly as Neil Jenkins and Jonny Wilkinson racked-up more than 2,000 Test points between them.
Andy, 27, and Kim, 26, smooched, cuddled and gazed adoringly at each other.
On her first day, she posted a photo of herself being looked at adoringly by Harley.
This photograph, of Klass gazing adoringly at Ava, was taken at the 29-year-old's home.
Neville Walker is pictured in a family snap cuddling his baby daughter Megan, who is now two years old, and gazing at her adoringly.
I will look at my radiators adoringly. And I will listen gleefully to every word uttered by Dot, Pauline et al.