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adore (one) for

To admire or love one for a certain trait or ability. I adore Jean for her studiousness—she is the hardest worker I've ever met. She adores him for his muscular build and thick head of hair.
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adore someone for doing something

to be in awe of someone for doing something well. Everyone adores Sally for her wonderful sense of humor.
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adore someone for having something

to be in awe of someone because of a particular trait or feature. Robert adores Mary for her smiling eyes.
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He's incredibly sweet, loyal and adores Pippa, but they make a point of seeing each other very privately and don't go to flash places," he added.
He adores his grandparents and the feeling is obviously mutual, so why not ask them to offer their own reassurance?
THE wife of TV car buff Jeremy Clarkson says she's still his biggest fan - and she just adores his "lovely bum" when he shows it off in his trademark blue jeans.
Speaking frankly about their eight-year marriage for the first time since her husband was pictured kissing a BBC colleague, Francie Clarkson denies that he was having an affair - and insists that SHE is the laddish one who adores fast cars and beer.
London, July 28 (ANI): Incarcerated star Lindsay Lohan's ex boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama has revealed that he still adores her.
She's (Lohan) a very talented girl and I adore her to death.
Mary,who has four children with Ronan, added: "I can say, with my hand on my heart, the four of them know that their dad adores them and their mother adores them.
The upcoming full release of Adore Puzzle will also feature more themes, not just geographical ones.
While clerics warned that men would profess to adore a woman, flatter her that she is beautiful, graceful, eloquent, and talented(29) such appeals were not a feature of Hispanic courtships.