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adore (one) for

To admire or love one for a certain trait or ability. I adore Jean for her studiousness—she is the hardest worker I've ever met. She adores him for his muscular build and thick head of hair.
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adore someone for doing something

to be in awe of someone for doing something well. Everyone adores Sally for her wonderful sense of humor.
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adore someone for having something

to be in awe of someone because of a particular trait or feature. Robert adores Mary for her smiling eyes.
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Mais pour autant que les heretiques de nostre temps y veulent contredire, et empescher les sainctes peregrinations iargonnans que / Dieu est partout, comme si c'estoit superstition de le vouloir adorer et honorer en certain lieu .
A silver'd convex marks each garish eye, Her hideous visage shines imbrued with ink: And as the bramin waves his lamp on high The satisfied adorer sees her wink.
quelques jours apres les Roys le vindrent adorer, ou l'on peut penser quelles louanges ils donnerent, et au Fils et a la Mere; neantmoins elle ne dit pas un seul mot .
She was a faithful weekly adorer at the Sacred Heart Emmaus Center.
An Adorer of the Blood of Christ, 1961 found her educating 52 first and second graders in a smallish classroom in southern Illinois.
36) Of course, errer and idole should also be read in their double sense, as Wayne Rebhorn suggests: errer also signifies an aimless wandering rather than a directed movement, and idole may be understood to mean an idol or false god that leads the adorer away from "the true Christian one.
For the moment, let me just signal the "prenoms propres qui nous ont poursuivies depuis des decennies" and note that the frequent recurrence of the letters or in the words corde, abordons, port, encore, adorer, and their reversal in manqueront, roman, promis, cesserons (not to speak of their anagrammatization in numerous other words), suggests that this syllable--which moreover became the title of a recent text (2)--is one of those which strike a particular chord.
There are altarpieces in our museums that were meant to be seen as visitations, in the light of holy candles, from the posture of an adorer.
He was an Adorer at the Eucharistic Chapel since its inception.
Adorer, c'est se sacrifier et se prostituer" (1: 692).
Then there is the European retired nurse and mother, a regular night adorer since the chapel opened, whose joy is now to see her own church, Transfiguration of Our Lord in Etobicoke, about to open its own chapel of adoration.
One of his sisters who also has MS told him it wasn't fair that he was diagnosed just as he was beginning to spend time before the Eucharist--the adorer is supposed to receive graces from the hour, not tragedy, she said.
Furthermore, should she "conceive a passion of her own for her adorer, she would swing right down from her exalted height to a position of equality" (Saville 221).
She was devoted to her faith, church and community while serving as a perpetual adorer of the Blessed Sacrament, a friendly visitor from Catholic Charities, a member of the Holy Family League of Charity and Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 8 in Clinton.