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adopt (someone or something) as

1. To choose one for a specific role. We were so impressed with her efforts that we adopted her as the new leader of the organization.
2. To claim ownership of something or establish guardianship or someone. I told Marshall my idea for the project last week, and now he has apparently adopted it as his own. My parents adopted me as their son when I was just two months old.
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keep a low profile

To avoid drawing attention, scrutiny, or observation to oneself. A: "I haven't seen you in awhile—how are you?" B: "Oh, I'm fine, just keeping a low profile so I can finish my research by the deadline." It's hard for celebrities to keep a low profile when they go out in public.
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adopt someone as something

to choose someone as something. The committee will adopt Jane as its candidate.
See also: adopt

adopt something as something

to take on something, such as a policy or principle, as one's own. I will adopt this policy as my own.
See also: adopt

keep a low profile

Stay out of public notice, avoid attracting attention to oneself. For example, Until his appointment becomes official, Ted is keeping a low profile. This expression alludes to profile in the sense of "a visible contour," a usage dating from the 1600s. [Late 1900s]
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keep a low profile

COMMON If someone keeps a low profile, they avoid doing things that will make people notice them. The president continues to keep a low profile on vacation in Maine. The Home Secretary was keeping a low profile yesterday when the crime figures were announced in the House of Commons. Note: You can also say that you keep something low profile if you try to avoid attracting attention to it. They have been dating for a month and have kept everything very low profile. Note: You can also use low-profile before a noun. There is no need for the presence of any police officers. This is a low-profile event.
See also: keep, low, profile

keep (or maintain) a low profile

avoid attracting public notice or comment.
See also: keep, low, profile

adopt, keep, etc. a ˌhigh/ˌlow ˈprofile

try/try not to attract other people’s interest, attention, etc: If I were you, I’d try and keep a low profile until she’s forgotten about the whole thing.In the run-up to the elections all three candidates maintained a high profile.
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Congress must continue to work towards policy that helps make adoption a reality for more foster youth.
4, Andersons North Aurora Adoption Center will host a fee-waived adoption event from 11 a.
maintaining strong bilateral relationships with other countries regarding intercountry adoption (procedures are governed both by the laws of the country where the adoptive parents reside and of the country where the child resides);
The truth is that most progressive adoption agencies rarely use foster care in voluntary infant placements anymore.
Deputy Minister for Social ervices Gwenda "omas said the National Adoption Service for Wales will be in place in November.
New Life Adoptions is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide foster children and privately relinquished infants with Christian adoptive homes.
The events mark the Commonwealth's 11th annual National Adoption Day festivities.
Lynn Woodhouse, family placement manager at Middlesbrough Adoption Services, said: "There are no blanket bans in adoption, so please don't think we'll turn you down because you're over 40, single or don't own your own home.
Adoption Champions are people like you and me who have an adoption connection.
30pm by contacting the adoption team on 0191 370 6149 or by emailing adoption@durham.
During the past year, the Association of Administrators of the Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance (AAICAMA) has focused on improving interstate practice and facilitating the provision of Medicaid to eligible adoption assistance recipients placed outside their adoption assistance state.
A Child for Keeps: The History of Adoption in England, 1918-45.
Internet-based adoption services are currently flourishing, with varying degrees of regulation, depending on whether it is domestic infant adoption, public foster care adoption or international adoption.
Irish couples will be able to adopt children from Bulgaria, South Africa and Thailand through administrative agreements being discussed by the Adoption Board under the new Adoption Act, The Irish Times has learned.
CAIRO: Naguib Gobrael, head of the Egyptian Union for Human Rights Organization, proposed a bill to the Ministry of Justice, allowing adoption among Christians.