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admonish (one) for (something)

To reprimand one for a wrongdoing. Katherine admonished Theresa for arriving late to work.
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admonish someone for something

to warn or scold someone mildly for doing something. The nurse admonished the patient for not eating her dinner.
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My father, who's an artist, said admonishingly, "He's a pretty weird guy." The gallery was filled with screenprints of soup cans.
Delia, in turn, is busily doing her makeup -- her eyes, she says admonishingly, are "on crooked" -- and obsessing about son Trevor (Jason Watkins) and his monstrously fretful partner Susannah (Rose Keegan), the wife whom Trevor chose over the slinky and poised Jan (Samantha Spirt, a gifted actress wasted in a nothing role).
When you get a fair employment law you have something concrete." Kaplansky wrote admonishingly: "Your statement...
The role of the Colonial Office and the governors during the late 1830s and early 1840s in both postulating and supporting this representation is examined, and contrasted with the later administrations and the decline in support for such a view, until by the end of the century, Hasluck contends admonishingly, the `good principle' of conferring the `blessing of the heritage of British law' had been reduced to a `folly'.
Campbell tells his boss admonishingly: "That's seven minutes you've given to him."
Auden has said somewhat admonishingly, poetic imagination often finds itself acting like a "midwife to society."