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admonish (one) for

To reprimand one for a wrongdoing. Katherine admonished Theresa for arriving late to work.
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admonish someone for something

to warn or scold someone mildly for doing something. The nurse admonished the patient for not eating her dinner.
See also: admonish
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In each chapter he describes a trait of the ant and admonishes us to imitate that trait in our relationships with one another and most importantly in our relationship with God.
When her husband's attorney admonishes her for overdrawing Jean's frozen assets, she tells him not to worry, she'll speak to Jean and he'll make it all right.
A TV news jockey warns about ozone depletion, and a spotlighted Statue of Liberty replica atop the nearby Liberty Storage warehouse admonishes us to get out and live life instead of just watching it pass by.
Lester's narrative is alternately told through the eyes of Moses' older sister, Almah, who has left her family and tradition to become a dancer for the priestess Hathor; his birth mother, Yocheved, who constantly admonishes Moses to return to his people and culture; and Pharaoh's daughter, Batya, who saved him from death when he was a baby.
In one of my favorite moments, the sweetly prissy but shoot-from-the-hip chef, Ted, admonishes Hudson and the stiff-lipped captain for their trickle-down disunity.