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admonish (one) for (something)

To reprimand one for a wrongdoing. Katherine admonished Theresa for arriving late to work.
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admonish someone for something

to warn or scold someone mildly for doing something. The nurse admonished the patient for not eating her dinner.
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A separate statistic from the Office of the Bar Confidant (OBC) showed that 83 lawyers have been sanctioned through disbarment, suspension from practice of law, suspension from notarial practice or both, fined, reprimanded and admonished.
He prayed for "peace and reconciliation where those virtues are so sorely needed." He prayed for them to rise above "self-interest" and "immediate political wins." He prayed for them to promote "justice, equity and truth." He admonished them to "show respect for those with whom they disagree."
Based on the records, two lawyers have been disbarred from January to June 2017; 15 have been suspended from the practice of law; eight have been suspended from the practice of law and notarial practice; four have been suspended from notarial practice; three have been reprimanded; five have been admonished and sternly warned; 16 lawyers were fined; and three were ordered arrested and detained.
The post Macron lawmakers admonished for partying in French parliament appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Most of the stations that aired it have been admonished with no financial penalty.
A day after the White House and even fellow Republicans admonished Gov.
* Patrick Scheufler of Aptos, Calif., admonished by the AICPA, effective May 6, 2008.
Iain Ramsay, who spent a weekend in custody in uniform, was admonished after a court heard it would allow him to keep his post at Perth Prison.
One of the most deeply religious men that I know has been admonished by the bishop of Toronto for participating in a same-sex marriage and as a result his licence to perform marriages in the diocese of Toronto has been suspended.
The doctor started to take down her history before his examination, and when he asked her age, she admonished him.
When I was a boy, these words were painted on the corner of every sidewalk in my hometown in the Chicago suburbs: "Stop, look, live." As a child I was admonished to "look both ways" and "not cross until the street is clear." Taking these words very seriously, one day I turned around from a trip to the local grocery and arrived back home without the goods for which my mother had sent me.
The transport ministry admonished 11 airport and government officials on Friday, including a supervisor for air traffic controllers, for instructing a passenger aircraft to land on a closed runway at Tokyo's busiest domestic airport last month when all 18 controllers on duty forgot it was closed for maintenance.
My late father, a chemist, always admonished me to beware of acetylene, propane, and ethane, as they were highly volatile.
Henry David Thoreau famously admonished that we too often lead lives of "quiet desperation." His remedy was to live deeply and reflexively, sucking life's "marrow," and, if need be, communing with the Walden woods in the relative seclusion of meditative if quixotic faux isolation (he was literally a stone's throw from his nearest neighbors).