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admonish (one) for

To reprimand one for a wrongdoing. Katherine admonished Theresa for arriving late to work.
See also: admonish

admonish someone for something

to warn or scold someone mildly for doing something. The nurse admonished the patient for not eating her dinner.
See also: admonish
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Paul would have us respect those leaders who know when to keep silent, when to admonish, and when to praise, and I agree with him.
Sturgeon said: "I admonish anybody who is anti-anybody on the basis of their nationality, whatever that nationality may be.
I admonish myself sternly, trying to ignore my neighbor, who's panting Lamaze-style and howling like a wolf under her breath.
But as you have been of good behaviour I do now admonish these charges.
Justice of the Peace Pamela Pack told Gove: "I am going to admonish you.
A sheriff `decided to admonish the 31-year-old father, who can't be named, after hearing that his career is now in ruins.
Sheriff Craig Caldwell told the man he would admonish him because a fine would only hurt his other two children.
But a sheriff could only admonish beast Ryan Yates and ban him from contacting the woman again.
In addition, Council approved the other proposal allowing PEEC to admonish a member when other sanctions are not appropriate to the circumstances; this proposal became effective with Council's approval.
But he agreed to admonish Philips, of John's Place, Leith, after reading two "glowing" character references.
A SHERIFF'S decision to admonish a young doctor who admitted downloading child porn may be appealed by the Crown.