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admonish (one) for (something)

To reprimand one for a wrongdoing. Katherine admonished Theresa for arriving late to work.
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admonish someone for something

to warn or scold someone mildly for doing something. The nurse admonished the patient for not eating her dinner.
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Nuisance calls A foolish Coatbridge woman who bombarded a man with unwanted text messages and phone calls has been admonished in court.
And yesterday she admonished Lesiuk of all charges after hearing she had made no more hoaxes.
FOOTBALL co-manager Alexander Gove was admonished yesterday after he admitted headbutting a rival fan.
When are you going to hold an event such as this for UK citizens to reassure us that your nationalists will no longer speak division and hatred against us?" Sturgeon said: "I admonish anybody who is anti-anybody on the basis of their nationality, whatever that nationality may be.
Marie Docherty (58) remained expressionless in the dock at Aberdeen Sheriff Court as Sheriff Colin Harris told her the only appropriate sentence was to admonish her on each of the four charges.
The man can count." Rather than admonish the pair, Clark told them to complete the project before he retired so he could protect the program From the bureaucrats inside the company.
Effective when Council approved it, this proposal allows the professional ethics executive committee (PEEC), where warranted, to publicly admonish (censure) an AICPA member who has violated the Code of Professional Conduct where other sanctions--such as suspension of membership or the issuance of a private letter of required corrective action--are not appropriate under the circumstances.
* Establish an admonishment sanction to allow the PEEC to publicly admonish a member--when other sanctions are inappropriate--who has violated the code of professional conduct.
Sluijter has analyzed aspects of Dutch art that simultaneously admonish and seduce the viewer through mythological and biblical subjects.
Wiesner's First Draft In 30 Days: A Novel Writer's System For Building A Complete And Cohesive Manuscript (1582972966, $19.99) doesn't just admonish that rewrites are necessary: it shows how to avoid rewrites by producing an outline so detailed that it can double as a first draft.
Paul would have us respect those leaders who know when to keep silent, when to admonish, and when to praise, and I agree with him.
Sheriff Robert Mc-Creadie said: "Because of the stress that no doubt existed in the break-up of your relationship I'm prepared to admonish you."
But please ladies, before you admonish the chap who's just called you dear, have a quick look at him, access the body language.
This year, the Word of the Year is "admonish." When Congress voted to admonish U.S.