admit (someone or something) into (something or some place)

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admit (someone or something) into (something or some place)

1. To allow something to be used as evidence in a trial. In this usage, "into" is always followed by "evidence." The prosecuting attorney tried to admit new documents into evidence. We will admit those photographs of the crime scene into evidence. Is it too late for us to admit something into evidence?
2. To allow someone to enter or become a member of some organization or place. That university only admits the best applicants into its law program. Luckily, a worker admitted us into the store, even though it was about to close. Can you admit me into the office? I seem to have forgotten my ID badge at home.
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admit something into something

to allow something to be introduced into something else. You cannot admit this document into the body of evidence!
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admit into

To allow someone or something to enter or be a part of something: This school does not admit students into a degree program without a high school diploma. The judge admitted the documents into evidence. We were admitted into the theater even though we were very late.
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